Pine Tree Council - 2018 PTC High Adventure Treks

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2018 PTC High Adventure Treks

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Are you ready to take your summer camping experience to the next level????

2018 will be an exciting year!! We are offering high adventure treks for our older scouts.

These Pine Tree Council treks are designed for older scouts that have enjoyed camp for a couple of years and are now ready for a greater challenge. They are all based around a 50 mile backcountry experience. All participants should expect a physically challenging, rewarding, and exciting week. They are designed so that Scouts can arrive and depart with their troops at the camp they originate from.

Western Lakes Canoe Trek:

Paddle 50 miles by canoe in the Western Lakes of Maine. Watch for migratory birds as we explore the shores of wildlife refuges and state parks. This trek also includes a day of whitewater rafting on the Rapid River. July 8th-13th

Moose River Canoe Trek & Whitewater Experience:

This 50 miler includes canoeing the Moose River with whitewater rafting. You'll enjoy challenging yourself traveling in the backcountry by canoe and have the thrill of riding a raft through Maines whitewater. July 15th-20th

​Sea Kayak in Casco Bay

Ready to explore the Maine Coast? Take a Sea Kayak Trek in Casco Bay. Experience 50 miles of seals, seabirds, waves, and deserted Islands.  July 22nd-27th

Backpacking Trek in the 100 Mile Wilderness:

50 miles of the most difficult stretch of the Appalachian Trail. Expect to hike 12 miles day with all you need on your back. This is the most challenging trek we offer. Are you Scout enough? July 29-Aug 3

Muscongus Bay Sea Kayak Trek

Paddle a 50 miler along a remote and beautiful stretch of the Maine coast! Keep an eye out for wildlife as we island-hop through the Bay. This trek also offers the potential for additional mileage for more adventurous paddlers. Aug 5 - Aug 10



When & Where
Western Lakes Canoe Trek
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-08-2018 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-13-2018 9:00 PM Past
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Moose River Canoe Trek
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-15-2018 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-20-2018 9:00 PM Past
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Sea Kayak Trek in Casco Bay
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-22-2018 2:00 PM to
Friday 07-27-2018 9:00 PM Past
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100 Mile Wilderness Backpacking Trek
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 07-29-2018 2:00 PM to
Friday 08-03-2018 9:00 PM Past
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Muscungos Bay Sea Kayak Trek
Camp William Hinds
Sunday 08-05-2018 12:00 PM to
Friday 08-10-2018 9:00 PM Past
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