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Event Details


Date: Tuesday, October 8
Time: 4:30-6:30 PM
Location: YMCA Union Park Camp
Cost: $10/participant

Invite your friends to join Scouting so you can both enjoy a fun evening of crate climbing, archery and, of course, zip lining! 

Please Note: All youth require written consent to be completed by their parent or guardian at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a parent/guardian have to participate and pay the fee? No. Parents or guardians need to be at the event to sign a consent form and watch the youth, but are not required to participate. However, if they choose to participate, a $10 admission fee will be collected.

Who can participate? Youth in Kindergarten and older, and their parents or guardians are welcome to participate.

Are there any age or weight limitations? Any participant needs to be in Kindergarten or older. There is no minimum weight requirement. There is a maximum weight limit of 270 pounds for zip line and climbing. The harness must fit properly.

What if it snows or rains? Unless precipitation is very light, the event will be canceled. 

What if I'm afraid of heights? The zip lines for the event take off and end on the ground. You may also walk down to the 2 other activities: archery & crate climbing.

What if I can't hike? The area for the activities is very hilly. We will do our best to help those who are unable to walk, but we cannot guarantee transportation will be available.


When & Where
Union Park/YMCA Camp
Tuesday 10-08-2019 4:30 PM CT to 6:30 PM CT Past
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