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Adventures at the Museum

Event Details

Adventures at the Museum

Cub Scouts - Enjoy a day at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium AND earn part of a belt loop or pin!

Date: Saturday, January 12
Location: National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium  |  350 E 3rd St in Dubuque  |  Mississippi River Center (entrance with large paddlewheel)


10:30-11:15  |  Lions complete the first part of the Rumble in the Jungle Adventure
10:30-11:15  |  Tigers complete parts 5 and 7 in the Tiger Tales Adventure

11:30-12:15  |  Wolves complete parts 1 and 2 in the Spirit of the Water Adventure
11:30-12:15  |  Bears complete part 1 of A Bear Goes Fishing Adventure

12:30-1:15  |  Webelos complete part 8 and 9 of Into the Wild Adventure


Youth Admission with Adventure Program  |  $11.00
Youth Admission ONLY  |  $9.00
Museum Members - Adventure Program Only  |  $3.00
Adult Admission Only  |  $13.50
Late Fee (After January 4th)  |  $2.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Family Attend?
Yes, this is a family-friendly event. The reduced price is extended to all family members.

Will programs be available all day?
Programs are only available at the stated times.

Where and When can I pick up tickets?
Please check in with the River Museum staff the day of the event. They will have a list of all participants.

Is this a drop-off program?
This program is not intended for Scouts to be dropped off. All Lion and Tiger parents/guardians must stay with their Scout during the program. All other parents/guardians should remain on-site.

Will my Scout earn the whole Adventure belt loop or pin?
Unfortunately, the program doesn't cover all the requirements for adventures. Below is what you will need to complete before or after the event to earn your adventure.

Lion - Rumble in the Jungle
To Complete: Choose a jungle animal that you would like to be; describe the animal and why you chose it. Participate in a parade with the other animals in your den. Communicate with other animals using your animal's sounds, both as loudly as you can and as softly as you can.

Tiger - Tiger Tales
To Complete: Complete 2 of the following

  1. Create a tale tale with your den.
  2. Create your own tall tale. Share your tale with your den.
  3. Read a tall tale with your parent/guardian or other caring adult.
  4. Create a piece of art from a scene in the tall tale you have read, using your choice of materials. Share it with your den.
  5. Sing two folk songs.

Wolves - Spirit of Water
To Complete: 

  1. Explain to your den leader why swimming is good exercise.
  2. Explain the safety rules that you need to follow before participating in swimming or boating.
  3. Visit a local pool or public swimming area with your family or Wolf den. With qualified supervision, jump into water that is at least chest-high, and swim 25 feet or more.

Bears - A Bear Goes Fishing
To Complete,
do 2 of the following:

  1. Learn about your local fishing regulations with your den leader or a parent or guardian. List three of the regulations you learn about and one reason each regulation  exists.
  2. Learn about fishing equipment, and make a simple fishing pole. Practice casting at a target.
  3. Go on a fishing adventure, and spend a minimum of one hour trying to catch a fish. Put into practice the things you have learned about fish and fishing equipment.

Webelos - Into the Wild
To Complete
, do 4 of the following:

  1. Collect and care for an "insect, amphibian, or reptile zoo." You might have crickets, ants, grasshoppers, a lizard, or a toad (but be careful not to collect or move endangered species protected by federal or state law). Study them for a while and then let them go. Share your experience with your Webelos den.
  2. Set up an aquarium or terrarium. Keep it for at least a month. Share your experience with your Webelos den by showing them photos or drawings of your project or by having them visit to see your project.
  3. Watch for birds in your yard, neighborhood, or area for one week. Identify the birds you see, and write down where and when you saw them.
  4. Learn about the bird flyways closest to your home. Find out which birds use these flyways.
  5. Watch at least four wild creatures (reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, fish, insects, or mammals) in the wild. Describe the kind of place (forest, field, marsh, yard, or park) where you saw them. Tell what they were doing.
  6. Identify an insect, reptile, bird, or other wild animal that is found only in your area of the country. Tell why it survives in your area.
  7. Give examples of at least two of the following:
    1. A producer, a consumer, and a decomposer in the food chain of an ecosystem
    2. One way humans have changed the balance of nature
    3. How you can help protect the balance of nature
When & Where
Admission Only
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Saturday 01-12-2019 10:00 AM CT to 5:00 PM CT Past
More Information

Lion & Tiger Adventures
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Saturday 01-12-2019 10:30 AM CT to 11:15 AM CT Past
More Information

Wolf & Bear Adventures
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Saturday 01-12-2019 11:30 AM CT to 12:15 PM CT Past
More Information

Webelos Adventure
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Saturday 01-12-2019 12:30 PM CT to 1:15 PM CT Past
More Information