Northeast Iowa Council - Trap Shooting Championship - Scorecard Submission Deadline

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Trap Shooting Championship - Scorecard Submission Deadline

Event Details

Please see the instructions below regarding registration.

Trap Shooting Championship

The Northeast Iowa Council is hosting a Trap Shooting Championship. All participants can shoot at your own club and at your own time! All proceeds will benefit the Northeast Iowa Council.  

Championship Details:

  • Individual Scorecards are $20 per submittal
  • Your score will be used to place you in a "Shoot Off" in late October
  • Purchase a scorecard from the Northeast Iowa Council Rep or at your local club
  • Shoot at your own club on a day of your choice. If you don't have a club, open shoot info is available a the bottom of this page. You may shoot two times using the attached scorecard. An average will be taken to determine your score.
  • Have your score confirmed and "signed off" by approved range personnel at your club.
  • Submit your completed and signed scorecard to the Northeast Iowa Council or the person from whome you purchased by October 15.
  • Participants will be invited to take part in a shooting championship in late October. These shooters will be placed into three categories, based on proficiency.
  • A fee will be charged for the "shoot off" event which involves multiple shooting rounds, awards and lunch.
  • Honor System: Please note that you should declare to the range attendant you are using the scorecard before you shoot. "A Scout is Trustworthy"

​Submit Your completed Scorecards via one of the following methods:

  • Return it with cash to the person from whom you purchased
  • Submit your scorecard with your online registration
  • Mail-Northeast Iowa Council, PO Box 732, Dubuque, IA 52004 with funds
  • An email or fax may be sent with the card, but payment may be mailed via mail or CC by calling the council at 563.556.4343
    Fax: 563.556.4344

Open Shoot Information - Be sure to check each club's website or call to confirm hours

  • The Izaak Walton League in Peosta offers "Open Shoots" for the public on 4 Sundays in September (10AM-2PM) and 3 Wednesdays (4PM-8PM). Check their calendar for updates:
  • The Worthington Sportsman Club has open shoots schedule for September 14th and October 12th 8AM-2PM.
  • Epworth Gun Club is open to the public through October - call the club for times.

All scorecards are due to the Northeast Iowa Council by October 15 2019.  

QUESTIONS'  Contact Matt Klutzaritz at or (563) 556-4343.

When & Where
Tuesday 10-15-2019 9:00 AM CT to 7:00 PM CT Past
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