Mid-Iowa Council - OA Dues (2023)

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OA Dues (2023)

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I can't remember if I paid my dues, how can I tell?

The easiest way to check your membership status is via the national OA portal at https://portal.oa-bsa.org/. If you need a new invite to the portal, please email mitigwa.membership@gmail.com to request one. 


I attended Fall Fellowship last year.  This year's dues are paid!

I attended Fall Fellowship this year. Next year's dues are paid!

I just joined the Order of the Arrow as a new Ordeal at summer camp or Fall Fellowship. My dues are paid through next year!

I didn't make it to Fall Fellowship and I'm not a new Ordeal member. I may need to pay my dues. Now what?

Please check the label on your latest Arrowman Insider. The label tells you the most recent year you paid your dues in the top right corner.  In our sample below, Stevie Sashman is paid through 2022, so their dues for 2023 are due. If you have any questions regarding your dues, contact mitigwachief@gmail.com, mitigwa.membership@gmail.com or atenkpatton450@gmail.com.

Sample Arrowman Insider
Mailing Label

   Stevie Sashman                     2022   
   6123 Scout Trail
   Des Moines, IA 50321

When & Where
2023 Dues
Fred Maytag II Scout Center
Sunday 12-31-2023
12:00 AM CT to 11:59 PM CT Past
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