Crossroads of America Council - 2021 Central Section Winter Camporee

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2021 Central Section Winter Camporee

Event Details

2021 Central Section Winter Camporee

VIRTUAL Central Section Scout Olympics Winter Camporee


The Central Section Scout Olympics Winter Camporee with the new Monon and Fall Creek Districts will be virtual due to the increased intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic and requests from our medical community.  The Virtual Scout Olympics Winter Camporee concept will have outdoor competitions in pods (e.g. Patrols or Troops at your home base) that minimize potential COVID spread and use digital means to bring everyone together in a live-streamed Camporee.


Your unit will join the Virtual Scout Olympics Winter Camporee from your home base on Saturday January 23 at 9:00am.  There will be a variety of competitions that will then be joined/reported in a live stream throughout the day.  We will have a base studio connecting with live reports from the field and updated leaderboards for the events throughout the day.  The live events will finish by 5:00pm and then a Virtual Campfire will be streamed that evening from recorded skits and songs that were submitted to the base studio during the day.


An essential part of this virtual camporee will be creativity on the part of scouts in our units to help make it happen, especially for competitive events and how digital media are used to bring scout units together to see the fruits of their competitions.  Each unit should designate one or two scouts to do the live reporting of events at their home base.  We will also send a request for scout volunteers to host the studio live sessions (two hosts per 2 hour studio session; 4 studio sessions total). 


Patrols, Troops, Crews, and Webelos Arrow of Light dens may compete in as many competition events as they choose.  Some example events are:


Trebuchet Launch: build your own machine to send the cargo as far as possible.
Klondike Race: post the fastest time over a set distance.
Firebuilding: get that fire built fast to keep warm.
Horse-Shoes (Soles for Souls) Competition: Compete in this variation and donate gently-used shoes for others this winter.
Gourmet S’mores Competition: build gourmet versions for your patrol
Bucket Brigade: put out the fire in record time by passing the bucket down the line with spars.
Gateway Pioneering Competition: build the largest, most elaborate gateway with pioneering skills to mark off your campsite area
Adult Cooking Competition – cook your Dutch oven or other camp creations for virtual tasting
Virtual Campfire: evening stream of curated skits and songs recorded and submitted by Patrols, Troops, and Crews


Registration will open December 15.  The fee covers a patch for each participant, awards, and production costs.  Patches and awards will be available after the event.



When & Where
2021 Winter Camporee
Saturday 01-23-2021 9:00 AM ET to 9:00 PM ET Past
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