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We look forward to you joining Exploring! For Questions about registration or if you are in need of registration assistance please email:


What is Exploring?

Exploring is a program that encourages kids between the ages of 10 and 20 to discover how to accomplish their professional goals. Exploring uses hands-on activities, panel discussion, company tours, speakers, and group discussion for participants to get a deeper understanding of career paths. The goal of Exploring is to support youth in making informed decisions about their professional futures.

Is Exploring a Job?

No. Exploring is not a Job but, can help Explorers build their professional network to assist in job placement later in their careers.

Do Explorers have assignments?

Occasionally an Exploring Post may ask students to prepare for upcoming meetings. Exploring does not want to add an additional stress or responsibility to Exploring participants.

How long does a meeting last?

Meetings typically last one to two hours, once per month.

How long is the program year?

The Exploring Program year has historically run concurrent with the school year (September-May); however, 2023 will see a change in our typical program year. Check back for more information

What is the Cost?

Registration for Exploring is $57 per program year. This cost is broken down by program cost ($45) and insurance cost ($12)

What does the Cost Cover?

Once registered as an Explorer, participants can attend as many (or as few) Exploring meetings as desired. This does not limit an Explorer to one career path or employment sector. We want our participants to have the opportunity to discover as may different career paths as needed to focus their interest.

Additionally, Explorers are invited to attend any of our Special programs throughout the year. Previous programs have included Summer Leadership Summit and Women in STEM.

Can I only be an Explorers with one Post?

Explorers are encouraged to discover as many different employment sectors or career paths as necessary to determine their interest. A key pillar of the Exploring program is to support both youth that have a clear vision of their future and those that may need additional discovery.

Is this a Job Shadow?

Exploring is not a Job Shadow program. Explorers are encouraged to reach out to their Post Advisor to discuss Job Shadow, internship, and more intensive work-based learning opportunities.

Is this an internship?

Exploring is not an internship. Explorers are encouraged to reach out to their Post Advisor to discuss Job Shadow, internship, and more intensive work-based learning opportunities.

What is the benefit to me?

Explorers are given a leg up from their peers by beginning to cultivate their professional network early. Explorers have the unique opportunity to interact with professionals in their field of interest. This interaction allows participants to get an honest overview of what different careers look like in the real world. Explorers are given opportunities to gain skills in leadership, program planning, volunteerism, and professionalism.

Where are programs held?

Programs are held at the Chartering Business or Organization who hosts the Exploring Posts. Occasionally, programs will be held at an off-site location to enrich learning.

What type of careers does Exploring highlight?

Exploring focuses on key employment sectors including:

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Science
  • Law and Government
  • Healthcare
  • Law and Government
  • Police
  • Fire and Emergency
  • Social Services
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Skilled Trades

How do I become an Explorer?

Visit Or

Exploring brings business and community leaders together to help young people reach their full potential. Exploring offers youth and young adults unique, hands-on experiences in an environment that develops leadership, character, and confidence through many immersive and empowering moments along the way. The participating organization must provide an adequate and safe meeting place and capable adult leadership, and must adhere to the principles and policies of Exploring. The local council provides adult training, program ideas, outdoor facilities, literature, professional guidance for adult leaders, and liability insurance protection. 

This youth application is to be used only for youth 17 years old and younger. Beginning *January 6, 2020, all applicants 18 through 20 years old must complete and submit an adult application, consent to a criminal background check, and successfully complete Youth Protection training. However, an 18- through 20-year-old will still be considered an adult Exploring participant in the post, and not considered an adult leader. . Child abuse is a serious problem in our society, and unfortunately, it can occur anywhere. Youth safety is of paramount importance to Exploring. For that reason, Exploring continues to create barriers to abuse beyond what have previously existed in Exploring. Exploring places the greatest importance on providing the most secure environment possible for our youth participants. To maintain such an environment, Exploring has developed numerous procedural and adult leader selection policies, and provides parents and adult leaders with numerous online and print resources for the Exploring programs. 

When & Where
Ongoing Registration
Golden-Burke Scout Center
Monday 04-11-2022 12:00 AM ET to
Saturday 12-31-2022 11:59 PM ET
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