Crossroads of America Council - Silver Beaver Award & Dinner

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Silver Beaver Award & Dinner

Event Details

Silver Beaver Award & Dinner December 4, 2018* 
Gathering 6 P.M. /  Program & dinner 6:30 P.M.


The Silver Beaver Award is the highest honor Crossroads of America Council may bestow on a volunteer.


Congratulations to the 2018 class of Silver Beaver recipients! They are:

Robert Bissell
John M. Bowyer
Reginald Duvalle
Fredrick W. Franz
Ronald Penczek
Bryan Spellman
John Wiebke
Robert I. Wager
Lisa Grube
Robyn Werner
Tony Brandenburg

*Limited seating

When & Where
Silver Beaver Award & Dinner
Camp Belzer
Tuesday 12-04-2018 6:00 PM ET to 10:00 PM ET Past
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