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Event Details

Scout Jam Registration is CLOSED, but you can still attend.  See below.

WALK-IN REGISTRATION: If you have a scout who did not pre-register with your unit but now wants to attend, they may do a walk-in registration on Friday night or Saturday morning. The walk-in late fee is $40, and includes two “Block Activity” wristbands for priority Block Activity access, subject to availability. Some blocks are already full and will not be available for selection.

Leaders Guide updated 9/04 with important Fox River Camping Information - check it out!!!


Scout Jam promises to be far bigger and more action-oriented than any Scouting event in 2019, and to be the NEIC's biggest scouting event in recent history. ScoutsBSA troops, Venturers, Explorers, and Ships should get this exciting adventure on their calendars today.  We also strongly suggest that ScoutsBSA troops invite Webelos Dens to camp with them, and for all Scouts to bring a friend!

IMPORTANT CAMPSITE NOTE:  Since many of the Scout Jam activities are taking place at Fox River Park, it is listed as the "event location".  Click on the "Register" link (to the right).  After telling us your estimated number of participants, you will be taken to your registration page where you will go to the Contact tab to choose your Camp Crown "Troop-Style" Campsite or a Fox River Park "Jamboree-Style" Campsite.  Maximum capacity per site is 20 campers, but some at Camp Crown fit less (capacities listed next to names).  If you pick a campsite that is not big enough for your estimated numbers, you will automatically be required to pick additional campsites until you have enough room for everyone.

We are expecting a very large number of participants and many of the featured activities will need to be reserved, so make sure to register early! 

Our Premiere Adventures include:

  • Mountain Biking (Silver Lake State Natural Area)
  • Canoeing (Silver Lake State Natural Area)
  • Kayaking (Silver Lake State Natural Area)
  • BB/Pellet Gun Range (Crown)
  • Archery Range (Crown)
  • Wrist Rocket (Crown)
  • Fishing Activity and Demonstration (Fox River Park)
  • Portable Climbing Wall (Fox River Park)
  • Special Needs Activity - Beep Ball & Kickball (Fox River Park)
  • GPS Geo-caching (Crown)
  • These events will be held in 120 minute blocks to enable full immersion in the adventure and to enable maximum fun! 

We also will have numerous videos, tours, and open access exhibits including high adventure opportunities, information about the upcoming National Jamboree in 2021, and things to do as a unit.

Where is SCOUT JAM?

Scout Jam is so big and action packed that we have to have three venues (don't worry, we'll have shuttles). Camp Crown will be one of two main action centers, the other being Fox River Park just north of Camp Crown and "high adventure" activities will be at Silver Lake Park.

The grand finale of the event will be a Saturday night show..

LEADER’S GUIDE - updated 09-04-19

The Leaders Guide with all the information you will need to successfully participate has been posted.  With Registration now open, the Leaders Guide has been updated to provide more information on things to do, and how to schedule the participating youth.  Please reference the attached Leaders Guide and read it carefully.


Registration has two phases, please be sure to carefully read about both of them (following) and to perform both of them to have your Contingent and Participants fully registered:

  1. "Registration Initiation and Campsite Selection Phase"
  2. "Activity Selection Phase"

IMPORTANT - HOW TO RE-OPEN EXISTING REGISTRATION:  The Contingent registration can be opened again and more participants can be added, the campsite changed to an available campsite, or Activities can be scheduled in the “Activity Selection Phase” by:

  • From the Scout Jam NEIC event page, the person who initiated the registration should log-in
  • Click on “Lookup” on the top right
  • Follow the instructions to find your registration and open it.


A Contingent (20 or fewer participants) can initiate a registration and select a campsite by:

  • Register a minimum of 2 adults and 4 youth up to a total of 20 (minimum of 2 adults).  NOTE:  Participant names are not required in this phase but are required in the Activity Selection Phase.
  • Select a campsite at Camp Crown or a “Jamboree style” campsite area at Fox River Park.
  • Pay for the participants registered.  NOTE:  early bird fees go through August 15th.


  • A registration started but not paid for will not have their Campsite choice “saved”.  Until the registration is paid for (a minimum of 6 participants) the Campsite choice can be taken by another Contingent.


  • The Contingent can add participants in this phase (up to 20 total) and pay for them as added.  Only participants who have been paid for can select Activities.
  • To Select Activities, the Contingent will:
    • Directly continue from the “Initiation and Campsite Selection Phase” or Re-open a former registration (see IMPORTANT - HOW TO RE-OPEN EXISTING REGISTRATION above).
        • If your Contingent put a deposit down in the "REGISTRATION INITIATION AND CAMPSITE SELECTION PHASE" and you estimated more participants by type of participant than you paid for, you will need to either pay for ALL those participants first, or lower the estimate of the participants to equate to the number you paid for in the deposit.  The system will only allow participants THAT HAVE BEEN PAID FOR to be viewed and select Activities so payment needs to be done to "see" the participant entry. 
        • The deposit amount originally paid for will be applied to the payment for the participants.
        • If there are additional participants "estimated" then the system wants them ALL to be paid for first so that is why the estimate must be reduced to what you have originally paid (deposit) for.  You can add and pay for additional participants at any time but they must be paid for to select Activities.
    • Go to the “Participants” tab, click on it, and add participant names for those youth that want to select Activities.  NOTE: adults must be named but will not choose Activities.
      • Initially you can enter Scout Names without choosing their Activities, but since Activity spaces are limited in each Activity block, you will want to add their selections as quickly as possible.
      • Do not put Scout One, Scout Two, etc as a name. We require names for the Activity wristbands, since they will be “Scout Specific”.  Thus a youth will not be given an Activity wristband at Scout Jam Check-in unless they are named in the registration system.
    • When a youth participant is named, click on their name and the “Update Information” button.
    • In the Class Schedule box, click “Select Classes” and pick the Activity Blocks (Class) desired and shown as available.  Then be sure to click “Save” in the bottom right.


  • Each youth can have a customized Block Activity Schedule and the Contingent registration adult can enter their individual selection.
  • Alternatively, the Contingent registration adult can make each youths’ schedule the same as all the other youth so the Contingent “participates as a group”.
  • Silver Lake Activities are limited to youth 14 and older.

See the Leader’s Guide for more details on Scout Jam and the Activity Blocks and Schedule.


Check back here often for updates!  See you at Scout Jam!


When & Where
Scout Jam 2019
Fox River Park
Friday 10-11-2019 5:00 PM CT to
Sunday 10-13-2019 12:00 PM CT Past
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