Northeast Illinois Council - Den Chief Seminar

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Den Chief Seminar

Event Details

A Den Chief is a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturer assisting a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout den. But the story is far more important than those words suggest.

The TRAINED Den Chief:

Assists the den leader with planning and conducting den meetings
Is familiar with resources for age-appropriate activities for Cub Scouts
Has a repertoire of activities that Cub Scouts enjoy

Attention Troop and Crew Leaders:

We are looking for Scouts who are ready for a leadership job.  Check with the Cubmasters and Den Leaders in your neighborhoods. 

Then send your candidates to this 3-hour seminar to have some fun developing the skills and confidence fundamental to this important leadership position.

Attention Cubmasters and Den Leaders:

Check with your local Scoutmasters, Varsity Scout Coaches or Venturing Crew Advisors to work out your team assignments.

When & Where
Den Chief
St Mark Lutheran Church
Saturday 12-01-2018 9:00 AM CT to 12:00 PM CT Past
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