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2018 ODE Makahiki Unit Booth Registration

Event Details

2018 Onizuka Day of Exploration
Aloha Council Makahiki

Last year’s Makahiki-Onizuka Day of Exploration was a wonderful celebration of Scouting, with a crowd of 7,312 joining in on the fun!  Our Scouts provided a much needed service to the community with their awesome STEM activities. Click here to see some highlights of this amazing day:

Our next Makahiki-ODE will be on April 28, 2018, at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. It will keep with the STEM theme that was such an incredible hit with the public.

Every registered Unit will have one free single-space booth (10’ x 10’).  Depending on availability, some Units will have the option to upgrade to a double-space booth (10’ x 20’) for $50.  Units who register early and have a compelling need for the additional space will have first option for the double-space booths, so be sure to register right away!

All registrations must be complete using this online site by March 1, 2017.  Because it is not possible to assign double-space booths until after we have a final Unit count, registrations after March 1 cannot be accepted.

Exact booth locations will be assigned after we have a final count of all participating Units and sponsors as well as their individual booth requirements.  If you have a special requirement for your Unit's booth (e.g. need to be near a water spigot, near a particular door, adjacent to an affiliated Unit, or combine booth space with another Unit), be sure to indicate this when you register.

At last year’s Makahiki, our Scouts presented an impressive display of ingenuity and enthusiasm with their STEM activities.  There seems to be no limit to their imagination, but if your Unit needs a few examples to stir their creative engines, flip through any Scout handbook or visit any of the many free websites out there:

With our Makahiki, we want to show the public how great Scouting is and recruit more young people into Scouting.  Please have your Unit think of ways they can show what is special about your Unit, encourage more young people to join, and generally make the public feel welcome in Scouting!

Important Points when Registering:
   * All registrations must be done online at this site only. 
   * Registration Deadline is March 1, 2018. Registrations will not be accepted after March 1. 
   * As you fill in the information on the registration form, please be sure to read important additional information by hovering your mouse pointer over the question mark at the end of each line.
   * Your Unit will not be registered until all required sections of this registration are finished. When your registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.
   * If your Unit wishes to combine booth space with another Unit, each Unit must register separately, and the main contact person for the combined booth must be indicated.
   * "Unit Booths" are intended for Scouts' use. Commercial organizations should contact Aloha Council to register for a "Vendor Booth" as a Sponsor.
   * Double-space booths will be assigned after March 10 (after registration closure allows for a final Unit count).
   * Exact booth locations will be assigned after we have a final count of all participating Units and sponsors as well as their individual booth requirements.  This will be posted on Alakai News before April 21 and at Blaisdell Hall during set-up hours.
   * Please note that registration for the “STEM Workshops” will not begin until early March. More information will be sent by email and will be available on Alakai News as time gets closer.



When & Where
Blaisdell Center
Saturday 04-28-2018 8:00 AM HT to 4:00 PM HT Past
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