Greater Tampa Bay Area Council - NCAP Short-Term Camp Administrator Training

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NCAP Short-Term Camp Administrator Training

Event Details

This course is training for the NCAP short-term camp administrator certification.

A short-term camp is any council-organized overnight camping program, whether one-time or continuing, that is one, two or three nights in length where the council or its agents provide the staffing and may provide program and food services, and includes camps conducted off council properties. National training courses are subject to the short-term camp requirements, regardless of format or duration.

The Short-term camp administrator certification will be valid for 2 years from the course date. 

Short-Term Camp Administrator Job Description:  Each short-term camp must have a short-term camp administrator. This person is responsible for ensuring that the planned camp complies with the NCAP Short-term Camp Standards.  This means walking the property to ensure that it is appropriate for the event; ensuring that paperwork is filed and any written BSA approvals are completed and obtained through the council; confirms facilities and program are safe and in good order before starting operation; and that appropriate health, safety and sanitation provisions are made.  This individual also ensures that all activities at the short-term camp comply with the applicable BSA National Camp Standards.

Short-Term Camp NCAP FAQ

Note to Volunteers:

If you are taking this training to volunteer for a council or district event, please contact your staff advisor to see if you can have the course fees covered by the event budget.  If they are they will give you a password for the registration.

When & Where
Session 1
Zoom Meeting
Monday 02-27-2023 7:00 PM ET to 9:30 PM ET Past
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Session 2
Zoom Meeting
Tuesday 02-28-2023 7:00 PM ET to 9:30 PM ET Past
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Session 3
Zoom Meeting
Wednesday 03-01-2023 7:00 PM ET to 9:30 PM ET Past
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