Central Florida Council - 2022 Section Leadership Summit

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2022 Section Leadership Summit

Event Details

I would like to thank you for your consideration of registering for SLS at camp Flaming Arrow!
SLS is an opportunity to meet and interact with Arrowmen from lodges across Florida
and share ideas. What’s unique about SLS though, is that you can share this bond with
brothers across the Section rather than just the Lodge. No matter what you are
interested in, SLS is a great opportunity to learn more about it and set yourself up for
I want to highlight the importance of attending for anyone interested in staffing Ordeals
this year. Given all the changes regarding the induction process, and the coming
changes in the Order, SLS is the perfect place to learn how to do these things and do
them well. O-Shot-Caw Lodge will be offering comprehensive Ceremonies training,
Leadership training, and offer examples of what works in each individual lodge to
strengthen the Section as a whole. Take the opportunity to make the Order of the Arrow
better for all its brothers.
I would just like to remind everyone that registration for this event happens in two parts.
Firstly, you should register on this page and, if interested, order your swag bag here.
(Highly recommended) Secondly, please make sure to register through the Host uhtoyehhuttee website found here: 

For more information regarding the event please go to this link:
If you have any question about the event or how to register, please don’t hesitate to
contact me.
I can't wait to see all of you there!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Matthew Hill
Tipisa Lodge Chief 2022-2023
Tipisa SLS Delegation Chairman 2022-2023

If you are interested and have need for transportation contact chief@tipisa.org

YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED FOR THE ACTUAL EVENT!! Follow this link to register for the weekend:  www.uhtoyehhuttee.org/2022-section-leadership-summit

When & Where
Section Leadership Summit
Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation
Friday 11-04-2022 5:00 PM ET to
Sunday 11-06-2022 10:00 AM ET Past
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