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Event Details

STEM@Home is a program for youth to work on Nova Awards from the comfort of your home! In an effort to help support Scouts and families as our communities are practicing social distancing, the NCAC STEM Committee offered STEM Nova Awards online during 2020. We are continuing in 2021, and the next event will be on April 17! 




Event Overview

4/17/2021, 1PM-3PM | Nova classes

  • Up and Away! for Cub Scouts
    • tour a virtual wind tunnel!
    • learn about fluid dynamics
  • Swing! for Cub Scouts
    • meet a 3D printing company
    • learn about levers
  • Up and Away! for Scouts BSA
    • tour a virtual wind tunnel!
    • learn about fluid dynamics



Classes that were offered on 2/6/2021: 

  • 1-2-3 Go! Nova Class
    • Meet a real cryptography expert
    • Learn statistics with the flip of a coin
    • How much does the air in your bedroom weigh?
    • Make your own 5e¢ret c0de
  • Cub Scouts Can Code Nova class
    • Learn about binary code, and write a message in it!
    • Use and explore algorithms
    • Start coding!

Event Requirements and Details

What are the Nova Awards?: Recognition that scouts earn for accomplishments in science, technology, engineering and math.

            Nova requirements are here:


Are there prerequisites?

Yes, all the Nova awards have a requirement to read or watch a video. We will not take class time for that, but we will offer suggestions on what to read or watch and the scouts can mark that completed. Some Nova awards will have activities to do at home. These will be assigned by the instructors and sent to you upon registration - they can be completed as post-requisites. 

Do we need a camera and microphone?

We strongly prefer that you use a device that has both of a camera and a microphone. A phone-in option will be provided. Scouts will be participating in discussions and need to be actively engaged. Audio participation is a requirement, video participation is highly encouraged. 

What meeting platform is the Council using?

We are using the ZOOM meeting platform which also has an app that works on smart phones and tablets. Before you begin your class please test your connection in advance – Test Zoom. If you need additional training on how to use Zoom please visit Zoom training videos – 

How will Youth Protection and “no one-on-one contact” be maintained?

When Scouts arrive for the Nova event, they will be placed into an online waiting room. Once the counselor determines that multiple Scouts are present, they will be admitted. We are encouraging parents to stay within earshot to monitor their Scouts activities. 

When will I receive instructions from my Nova Counselor?

Normally, you will receive your instructions from your Nova Counselor 24 hours before class begins, if you have not received it, don’t fret some Counselors will send the instructions the day of. Please check your junk mail, sometimes the email classifies the opt-in link email as junk mail.
Can I register if I am not an NCAC Scout?

Absolutely! Please be aware of the time zone difference if you live out of state. NCAC is in the Washington D.C. metro area which is Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Will there be more classes and more of a variety of Nova Awards?

Yes, we will be providing new classes in 2021. If you are a registered Nova Counselor and are interested in instructing a class please email: 

Registration Fee: $10 per scout. 

Please follow us on Facebook for updates!

When & Where
Cubs Nova Session
Saturday 02-06-2021
1:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET Past
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Nova Sessions
Via Zoom
Saturday 04-17-2021
1:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET Past
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