National Capital Area Council - PWD: Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselor training

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PWD: Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselor training

Event Details

Registration link will be sent after sending an email request to the District Merit Badge Dean as outlined below.

You’re probably aware of the new Merit Badge, Citizenship in Society, which will become Eagle required on 1 July. The purpose of the badge is to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in society. Citizenship in Society (CIS) is unusual among MBs because of the amount of group work, deep conversation, and potentially painful self-exploration involved. As a result, NCAC has set rigorous standards for CIS MB Counselors.

Beyond the usual registration requirements for MB Counselors, the CIS MB requires specific demonstration of qualifications and requires completion of the BSA DEI training available on my.Scouting. Further, CIS MB Counselors must complete NCAC developed training for the MB before they begin working with Scouts. The CIS MB Counselor Guide is here and the list of NCAC determined requirements are listed below. There is some flexibility around the training and life experience requirements. The ideal candidate has both formal training and life experience, but strength in one of these two areas can compensate for lack in the other. All interested candidates should apply.

 To become a CIS MB Counselor:

  1. Complete the BSA Diversity Equity, and Inclusion training on your account (about 30 minutes)
  2. If not already registered as a Merit Badge Counselor, submit an application to Instructions on becoming a merit badge counselor in Prince William District is available at
  3. Complete the CIS MB Counselor application form (CIS 34405 BSA form) located on the right side of this event page and forward it to
  4. Attend this session of the NCAC training that PWD has scheduled.

Training is pending approval by the District Merit Badge Dean, the Dean will send you a link to register for the Zoom session. Please email Ed Fairbairn in advance at if you have any questions. Space is limited due to the material and requirements for this training.

When & Where
Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselor Training
Via Zoom
Friday 02-25-2022 6:30 PM ET to 8:30 PM ET Past
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