National Capital Area Council - Spring Camporee (Patuxent)

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Spring Camporee (Patuxent)

Event Details
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13-15 April 2018

NCAC Scouts have been carried back in time to Middle Ages and King Arthur’s Court of Camelot. Knights, Ladies and Dragons abound, but alas no clear path Home.
After much study Merlin has discovered that the only way back is through a Magical Doorway that can only be opened by completing a series of challenges culminating in a Catapult Launch.
King Arthur wants to know if you are ready to take on the
Quest for the Passage Home.
Good Sir Knight, are you up for the Quest?

When & Where
American Legion Youth Camp

Friday 04-05-2019 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 04-07-2019 9:30 AM ET
More Information
Danielle Finley
Patuxent District Executive
Drew Eacker
Washington, DC Senior District Executive
Jo Posluszny
Event Charimen
Lenny Wertz
Vice Chairman of Programs - Patuxent District
Edward Weeks
Patuxent District Registrar
Marriott Scout Service Center
9190 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone: 301-530-9360