National Capital Area Council - 2019 Colonial District Carpe Adventure Trek (CAT-40, CAT 20)

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2019 Colonial District Carpe Adventure Trek (CAT-40, CAT 20)

Event Details

MARCH 9, 2019



WHAT:     40 kilometer (~25 mile) high adventure hike from Good Shepherd Parish (near Mount Vernon Mansion) to National Harbor’s The Awakening statue, returning to Good Shepherd Parish.

WHO:      Troops, Venturer Crews, Sea Scout Ships, Explorer Posts (and adult leaders)

WHEN:    9 March 2019 (Second Saturday in March)

WHY:       High adventure team-building experience for youth, adult leaders and volunteers that also fulfills the Hiking Merit Badge’s 20 mile hike requirement


You may download the CAT-40 promotional flyer, leader guide and permission slip on the right side of this page.


Hike Overview:

This hike provides Scouts the opportunity to participate in a high adventure activity on the Potomac River’s scenic Mount Vernon Trail.  The 40km hike is equivalent to walking a marathon; successful completion will require adult leaders to ensure that Scouts are prepared for this distance through shakedown hikes.  The 20km hike (HALF-CAT) provides an opportunity for younger Scouts to develop and test their endurance in a safe-to-fail environment. 

The hike is "supported”, meaning there are Support Stops along the way that provide food, drink, first aid, encouragement, and bail-out options.  The hike can also be used as a team-building and training event for Lenhoksin, Philmont, or other backpacking adventures.

Volunteer-Based Participation:

The Colonial District sponsors the CAT-40, but participating Units from across the Council contribute the support staff who make the event successful.  Sometimes referred to as “pay to play”, participating Units provide the adult volunteer support required to plan and execute the hike.  Support levels are linked to the number of hikers from the respective Unit; Units with large numbers of hikers are tasked to run full service Support Stops, while Units with smaller numbers of hikers are tasked to run smaller Support Stops or other duties as assigned (such as morning check-in, bicycle escorts, shuttle drivers, etc.). 

Units must provide adult volunteer support in order to register for the hike.  The ratio for hikers to volunteers is 5 to 1--one volunteer for every increment of 5 hikers.  For example, 7 hikers would require 2 volunteers, and 12 hikers would require 3. The minimum unit signup is two hikers and one adult volunteer.  Participating units may not register Scouts from other (i.e., non-volunteering) units. 

$20 CAT–40;
$15 HALF-CAT (20km)

Participating Units receive a CAT–40 flag streamer
All hikers receive a patch and Euro sticker
All hikers who complete 40km also receive the coveted Cat Claw challenge coin
All hikers may purchase a wicked cool CAT–40 t-shirt

# # #


When & Where
Good Shepherd Church
Saturday 03-09-2019 6:00 AM ET to 6:00 PM ET Past
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