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WSD Trail to Eagle

Event Details

Brief is being held Sunday 23 October from 1:00-4:30 pm.  Registration is required, however, there is no cost. 


In addition to reviewing the Eagle Scout Rank Requirements, the Trail to Eagle Brief provides an explanation of and information on how to:

    1.  Use / complete the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

    2.  Select a project    

    3.  Develop a proposal

    4.  Get the proposal approved by the Beneficiary, Troop and District

    5.  Mature a plan

    6.  Execute the project

    7.  Complete the project write up

    8.  Complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application (Including a review of the process for submission for Troop, District and Council approval)

    9.  Prepare for the Eagle Board of Review

    10.  Submit the final paperwork

    Intended audience is Star and Life Scouts and their parents/guardian, and Troop Adult Leadership (including SM, ASM, CC, Eagle Mentor/Advisor/Coach, Advancement Chair).

    Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the current version of the BSA Eagle Scout Rank Application and the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

When & Where
WSD Trail to Eagle
Saint Nicholas Lutheran Churc
Sunday 10-23-2022 1:00 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET Past
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