National Capital Area Council - Sully Chapter Ordeal Fall 2022

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Sully Chapter Ordeal Fall 2022

Event Details

Sully Chapter Fall Ordeal and Brotherhood Conversion
September 30 - October 02, 2022


Where: Camp William B. Snyder, 6100 Antioch Road, Haymarket, VA 20169

Questions:  Contact Mr. Eric McDonnell,, 571.239.0423

Registration: Everyone attending any portion of the weekend must be registered and must do so online. Registration options are explained in the sections that follow. You’ll need your BSA ID to register. If you’re a member, you’ll also need your OALM ID. (OALM ID is optional for Ordeal candidates.) Find your OALM ID on your Lodge membership card or the mailing label of your latest Shark’s Tooth newsletter or ask your OA Unit Rep or OA Unit Rep Advisor. As a last resort, email for it.

Registration closes: Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 11:59 pm (earlier registration greatly appreciated)

Check-In Location and Time: Check in at Carroll’s Cottage (see attached map). Be aware that there is another Ordeal going on the same weekend. Make sure you find Sully’s. Check in time varies by role and attendance plans. Find those times in following sections.

Check-Out Location and Time: Check-out time for the weekend is Sunday at 10:00 am. If needing to depart earlier, inform the registrar upon check-in. Check out before departing; don’t just leave.

Parking:  If you’re driving yourself, park in the Main Parking Lot (see attached map). Only Ordeal staff who are hauling Ordeal equipment and supplies or needing to make runs during the weekend will be parking by the cabins. That other Ordeal going on at the same time as Sully’s is hosting several chapters. There’ll be minimal parking available by the cabins. Get to Carroll’s Cottage from the Main Parking Lot by cutting through the program areas (see attached map).

Drop-off and Pick-up: If getting dropped off and picked up, you can do so at Overflow Parking just downhill from Carroll’s Cottage (see attached map).


Ordeal Candidates from Chapters other than Sully: You must arrange to attend this out-of-chapter Ordeal with your Chapter Adviser. Your OA Unit Rep can connect you. Or you can use the email address for your chapter listed under “Areas & Chapters” on the “Contact Us” page of the Lodge website (

Ordeal Candidate Registration: Register as “OA Ordeal Candidate.”

Ordeal Candidate Check-In Time: Check in Friday between 8:00 and 8:30 pm. Arrive fed.

Ordeal Candidate Packing List: Pack for a camping weekend, less mess kit. Bring your gear in two separate packs, duffels, and/or bags. What you’ll need for Friday night either worn or packed for easy carrying are mask, clothing appropriate for the overnight weather, sleeping bag and pad, tarp big enough to fit completely under and over yourself when lying down, insect repellent, headlamp or flashlight, and full water bottle. What you’ll need packed separately for Saturday are extra mask, clothing appropriate for dirty work (and the weather), work gloves, field uniform (Class A), tent, and lawn chair or camp chair/stool.

If you’re eligible to convert to Brotherhood, you can do so this Ordeal weekend whether you join us for the whole weekend, just Saturday, or just the few hours of Brotherhood conversion activities. When you register, be sure to check “Yes” about converting to Brotherhood so we know your intentions.

Sully Chapter Ordeal members for whom at least six months have passed since their Ordeal and who paid their 2022 Lodge dues should have received an email invitation to convert. Take advantage of this Ordeal! Those Ordeal members who last paid Lodge dues for 2021 should have received email notice that they can be eligible to convert by paying their 2022 Lodge dues. Pay those ASAP! It can take a few days to post to your record for verification of eligibility. Ordeal members of at least six months who received no message about Brotherhood conversion, either your last dues paid was prior to 2021 or we don’t have a good email address for you. Pay your 2022 dues if that’s the case. If a good email address is the problem, give us a good one upon check-in.

To prepare for conversion, read the “Brotherhood Membership” section of your OA Handbook ahead of time. You’re welcome to arrive with your Brotherhood Challenge 5 letter in hand (i.e., prepared ahead of time). Otherwise, bring a clipboard or paper pad to write on.



  • Register as “Elangomat,” for which you’ll need the password you were given.
  • Pack like a candidate (see “Ordeal Candidate Packing List” above).  You may be sleeping in a cabin Saturday night, but don’t reply on that.  Bring that tent.
  • Check in Friday at 6:00 pm.  Arrive fed.

Ordeal Staff:

  • Register as “Amangamek-Wipit Lodge Member.”
  • Pack for a camping weekend, less mess kit.  You may be sleeping in a cabin, but don’t rely on that.  Bring a tent.  Bring a mask, field uniform (Class A), OA sash, and lawn chair or camp chair/stool.
  • Check in Friday at 6:00 pm.  Arrive fed.

Non-staff Member Staying the Weekend or Either Night:

  • Register as “Amangamek-Wipit Lodge Member.”
  • Pack for a camping weekend or overnighter, less mess kit.  Bring a mask, field uniform (Class A), OA sash, tent, and lawn chair or camp chair/stool.
  • Check in Friday between 7:30 and 8:00 pm or upon arrival Saturday.

Member Attending Saturday Activities Only:

  • Register as “Amangamek-Wipit Lodge Member Day Attendee.”
  • Dress for the weather, work, and ceremony (i.e., bring your field uniform [Class A] and OA sash).  Have a mask.  Bring a lawn chair or camp chair/stool.
  • Check in Saturday between 7:30 and 8:30 am.

Member Observing the Ordeal and/or Brotherhood Ceremonies and then Joining the Feast:

  • Register as “OA Member Feast Only.”
  • Wear your field uniform (Class A) and otherwise dress for the weather.  Bring a mask and a lawn chair or camp chair/stool.
  • Check in Saturday during the hour prior to the ceremony of interest.
    • The Brotherhood ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 pm.
    • The Ordeal ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at 4:00 pm.
    • The Feast follows conclusion of the Ordeal ceremony.

Brotherhood Candidate Just Wanting to Convert and Nothing Else (i.e., arriving just in time for Brotherhood activities and leaving right after the ceremony [i.e., not staying for the Feast]):

  • Register as “Other.”
  • Wear your field uniform (Class A) and otherwise dress for the weather.  Bring a mask, a clipboard or note pad to write on, and a lawn chair or camp chair/stool.
  • Check in Saturday between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.


Completed BSA Health & Medical Record Form is required. All candidates and members who attend the Ordeal MUST complete the Parts A & B medical form (attached).  This does not require a doctor’s signature.


You will be responsible for holding and administering your own medications.  Medications need to be in the original containers with your name, dosage requirements, and the correct amount of medication for the event. This includes over the counter drugs with a signed note from your parent/guardian with dosage and instructions on time to be taken. Place all containers in a zip-locked bag labeled with your name. If you need an inhaler or EpiPen you must keep these with you at all times.  Parents with concerns about their Candidate or Arrowman keeping up with medications should discuss these with the registrar upon check-in.

COVID-19 Precautions.  Before departing to attend the Ordeal, screen yourself using the attached Pre-event Medical Screening Checklist.

  • If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions on the screening checklist, stay home.
  • If you or anyone in your household have any of the COVID-19 symptoms on the screening checklist, stay home.
  • We will follow COVID protection guidelines from CDC, Prince William Health District, Council, and Lodge.
  • Masks are expected to be optional for the weekend, but that is subject to change.  Be prepared to wear a mask if guidelines indicate that to be appropriate.  Be prepared; bring a mask.
When & Where
Sully Ordeal Fall 2022
Camp William B. Snyder
Friday 09-30-2022 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 10-02-2022 11:00 AM ET Past
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