National Capital Area Council - 2020 Summer Family Camping

Starting A Registration
How to start a new registration.
My Account - Part 1
My Account Basics
My Account - Part 2
Importing, Managing, and Using a Personal Roster
Parent Portal - Parents Guide
How parents can update registrations.

Please make one registration per household.

If your Scout is attending Family Camp as part of their Homecamping registration, please sign up for a Homecamping Week first. You will be emailed a code to use for their Family Camping spot. If you already have the code, please select Homecamping Youth spot. You will be prompted for the code.

For Camp Snyder only, you must choose 1 under 'Activity Schedule' below to sign up for program activity times.

2020 Summer Family Camping
July 24, 2020 5:00 PM: Snyder Weekend 3
Camp William B. Snyder