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2021 NCAC HAC Sea Base Coral Reef Sailing Adventure Registration & Payment

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Registration for a 2021 NCAC-sponsored Sea Base Coral Reef Sailing adventure is now open. You'll be underway for a week on a 40+ foot long sailing vessel in the Florida Keys, snorkeling the beautiful reefs in the Keys and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. You'll also study astronomy, navigation, fish identification and coral reef ecology. This is a six-night, seven-day adventure.

CREW SIZE: A Sea Base crew has a minimum of six and a maximum number of eight participants with at least two adults and a majority of youth participants.

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT: Please follow these instructions to register and make online payments for all crew members. This trip is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Presently there is one trip available which may either be booked entirely by one unit or become a provisional crew of several units if individuals sign up first. A wait list may be created and an additional trip may be requested if there is sufficient interest. To sign up, a Registration Coordinator should be designated. This person must be 21+ years old and ideally will be the crew adult Lead Advisor. This role can be changed to someone else if circumstances change.

UNITS WITH SIX (6) OR MORE PARTICIPANTS: A unit having the minimum crew size of six may initially reserve the entire 8-person crew slot. Choose this method only if you are confident that you have commitments for the required minimum number of participants. The Coordinator should click Register to sign up as the registration contact. Go thru the registration process to register at least one participant and pay the $700 initial deposit. You should enter the names of other known participants and provide payment at this time, or have them immediately register themselves (see below). Registering and paying for a crew of at least six participants will reserve this trip date for your crew.

CREW SIGN-UP: As stated above, immediately after the Coordinator has reserved the trip date, each crew member should visit this web page, complete the registration process and each pay the $700 deposit. Family members (i.e., one or more youth and adults) may register together. Keep your registration number to re-enter the system for future payments

REGISTERING FEWER THAN SIX (6) PARTICIPANTS: If you have fewer than the minimum number required by Sea Base or you are signing up as an individual, you may still click Register and sign up for available openings. The number of Youth and Adult openings remaining are shown on the next page in registration. NOTE: Once again, this trip is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a Unit reserves the entire trip, a wait list may be created and an additional trip may be requested if there is sufficient interest.

Payments may be made with a credit card or an e-check. A 3% surcharge applies to all credit/debit card payments; e-check transactions are free.

The total estimated cost for each participant is $1,950. This includes the Sea Base fee plus airfare, meals and tours. As mentioned above, the initial deposit is $700 each. The final payment is estimated to be $550 and will be determined by April 15th, 2021. Late fees may apply to payments received after the published due date deadlines. See the table below for the payment schedule.

Payment Amount Due Date
Initial (deposit) $700 June 30, 2020
Incremental $700 January 1, 2021
Final (estimate) ~$550 May 1, 2021


A High Adventure Committee-sponsored training session will be held in the April/May, 2021 timeframe. Attendance by the entire crew is expected.

Direct questions to John Blackwell, High Adventure Committee Chair, at or Eric Smith, NCAC Program Director, at


When & Where
Sea Base
Wednesday 08-04-2021 12:00 AM ET to
Tuesday 08-10-2021 11:59 PM ET
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