National Capital Area Council - 2020-21 Pinewood Derby Days - Individual & Small Group Sessions

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2020-21 Pinewood Derby Days - Individual & Small Group Sessions

Event Details

Michael's Woodshop at Camp William B. Snyder is proud to announce its third annual Pinewood Derby Days. Pinewood Derby Day sessions are a great opportunity to come out and work on your car in our supervised wood shop.  Please note that there are a few changes this year to incorporate our Covid-19 safety procedures.  Prior to registering, please read our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines, (including the self-assessment Pre-Event Screening Checklist).  You will be asked to confirm that you performed your self-assessment and your temperature will be taken upon arrival at Michael's Woodshop.

Choose a date and select a check in time.  Check in times are offered every 30 minutes during the scheduled session. Select a time slot for each individual building a car (this year there is a limit of 2 youth per half hour time slot). Cub Scout age siblings may participate and should be registered in their own time slot as a "Cub Scout Youth".

Target Completion Time:  The target completion time is 45 minutes which is adequate for most car designs.  In order to keep the number of people in the shop to a minimum, we will be adhering to a work time limit of 1 hour.  As such, please encourage Cub Scouts to avoid highly complex car designs as they may not have sufficient time to complete their work.  Cub Scouts may design their own car in advance or may select a design from a wide variety of templates we have on hand in the shop.

Special Rule for a Third Sibling:  Since physical distancing is not needed within a family group, three youth from the same household may attend during the same half hour time slot.  To arrange this, please find a half hour time slot with both spaces available and register two of the three youth in that time slot.  Please send an email to with your last name, date and time and simply let us know that a third youth will be attending.  There is no additional fee for the third youth.  Unfortunately, we can not assist more than 3 youth per half hour.  If you have a fourth Cub Scout age youth in your family, they will need to be registered in their own time slot.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR DISTRICT'S RULES ABOUT AXEL HOLES BEFORE YOUR SESSION.  As a part of our process, we have a work station to "re-drill" the car's axel holes (instead of using the pre-cut slots).  Each District has its own rules -- some Districts permit this SOME DISTRICTS DO NOT.  Due to the number of Districts and annual rule changes, Michael's Woodshop is not able to provide guidance on these rules.  Please do not risk having a car disqualified.  You should only re-drill the axel holes if you have confirmed that your District permits it.

Adults/Parents:  As part of our Covid-19 safety guidelines, we have reduced the number of spaces available for each half hour time slot.  As a result, we are respectfully requesting that all available spaces be reserved for youth and that adults refrain from building their cars in the shop this season.  Exception:  Adult novice/first time builders who need assistance may bring their own car kit and build a car alongside their Cub Scout in the same time slot (no separate registration required).

Bring yourself, your car kit AND WEIGHTS.  Please arrive 5 minutes before your start time for your safety briefing.

It is highly recommended that Scouts adjust the weight of their car to get close to the 5 oz maximum.  If Scouts want to adjust their car's weight during their session, they must bring their own weights. Cylindrical weights are recommended - they are easy to install and work well for most car designs.

Cub Scouts must be accompanied by a parent/adult at all times while in the shop.  Parents/adults are expected to supervise and assist their Cub Scouts throughout the process.

FIRST TIME VISITORS - Please view the Camp Map to see the location and driving route for Michael's Woodshop at Camp Snyder.

When & Where
Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 9
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 01-09-2021 1:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET
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Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 17
Camp William B. Snyder
Sunday 01-17-2021 1:30 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET
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Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 23
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 01-23-2021 1:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET
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Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 24
Camp William B. Snyder
Sunday 01-24-2021 1:30 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET
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Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 30
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 01-30-2021 8:00 AM ET to 5:00 PM ET
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Pinewood Derby Clinic - Jan 31
Camp William B. Snyder
Sunday 01-31-2021 1:30 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET
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