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Seneca Fall Camporee

Event Details

Seneca Fall Camporee

When: October 8-10, 2021
Theme: Mountain Man Rendezvous
Where: Camp Manidokan, Knoxville, MD
Who: All Scouts, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts and Webelos (Webelos must register and attend with a troop)
What: Skills, games, and fellowship in a Mountain Man setting
Cost$30/person ($25 early registration)
Contact: Camporee Director - Bill Majurski 

Who May Attend:
This event is being hosted by Seneca District.  Attendance is open to all districts.

Note: Photos taken at the event may be used for publicity.


Manidokan Camp & Retreat Center
1600 Harpers Ferry Rd
Knoxville, MD 21758

The road through Sandy Hook is open.  No detour is necessary.

Early registration will open June 2020.

Downloads and quick info

Unit Guide

On Webelos girls attending Camporee

List of stations and gear needed
Scout skills (TBD)
Weekend schedule

Facility Map

About our theme

Come back to the mountains! - Again this year we are back at Camp Manidokan on the side of a ridge of the beautiful Appalachian mountains.  This is our fifth year at Manidokan.

Rocky Mountain Rendezvous (in trapper jargon) was an annual gathering (1825-1840) at various locations held by a fur trading company at which trappers and mountain men sold their furs and hides and replenished their supplies.

The rendezvous was a celebration with competitions.  James Beckwourth described it as "Mirth, songs, dancing, shouting, trading, running, jumping, singing, racing, target-shooting, yarns, frolic, with all sorts of extravagances that white men or Indians could invent".  Sounds like Boy Scout event!

Event Organization

Camp for the weekend. We supply space for campsites, water, potties, and program. Each unit organizes their own food. Check-in is Friday evening, check-out is noon on Sunday. Activity stations are open all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  Stations are not "scheduled".  Go where you want, stay as long as you please. Camp fire Saturday night. There are a few special events that do have a schedule.  More on this below.


The full list of stations and the supplies you will want to bring will be published soon.

Some of the stations being planned:

Foosball Agility Trail Knife throwing Giant slingshot
Signals and codes Fire building Knots and lashing Map and compass
Tomahawk throwing Archery Lumberjack (caber) toss Climbing wall
Blacksmithing Trading post (run by Scout shop) Shelter building Cooking
Branding First Aid  2-man sawing  
  Camporee specific trading post Trapping  

Scheduled activities

Scoutmaster cook-off  
Mountain man costume competition Story telling competition
Camp fire  

Who's invited

All Scouts (Boy Troops, Girl Troops), Venture Crews, Explorer Posts, and Girl Scout troops. Webelos may attend as part of a Troop - no separate Webelos Den registrations.

Girl Scout troops are restricted to Boy Scout age youth (11) and up.

Units from outside our district/council may attend as well.

Forming Camporee Patrols

Scouts will attend stations with their Patrol. We suggest Patrols be limited in size to 6-8 members.  For example a Foosball team is 6 players.

Camping / Parking / First Aid etc.

Each unit will be assigned a campsite. Site size varies with unit size. NO GROUND FIRES.

Units may keep one vehicle and one trailer in campsite.  The rest must be moved to an on-site parking area.  These parking restrictions will be enforced starting a 9:00 PM Friday night. No vehicles will be allowed to move in and around the campsites during stations.

There will be a water truck on site (commercial service) for potable water.

There will be porta-potties on site.

Post 742 will be back as the event First Aiders. They will be located in the headquarters area.

Registration and Fees

Registration is done in two parts - unit/campsite registration and attendee registration. Start by reserving a campsite (comes with 5 attendee registrations) and then add attendees to fit your unit.  An attendee is a youth or adult.

Early unit registration (until August 31) - register for a campsite. Price includes 5 attendee registrations.  Cost $125
Late unit registration (September 1 - September 30) - register for a campsite.  Price includes 5 attendee registrations. Cost $150
Early attendee registration (until September 30) - $25
Late attendee registration (October 1 - October 5) - $30
Webelos attending for the day on Saturday (not camping) - $15
LDS unit and attendee registration - see below

LDS Registration

LDS Troops - when you register you must select LDS Campsite (for the campsite) and LDS for your adults and youth (together as one - we do no distinguish).  No fee will be collected. The Stake will be billed.  This applies to Seneca Stake only.  We do not have arrangements with other Stakes.  If you are with a Stake other than Seneca and wish to register we require payment through the web site.  If you have questions please contact the Camporee Director.

See the LDS Webelos section below for details about LDS Webelos at Camporee.

Webelos Registration

Webelos register and camp (if not LDS) as part of a Troop.  There is no separate Webelos Den registration, your members are registered as Troop members for the weekend. Webelos travel to stations embedded in a Boy Scout Patrol.

LDS Webelos

Our understanding of Seneca Stake rules regarding LDS Webelos attendance is:

  • LDS Webelos may attend for the day on Saturday
  • LDS Webelos may not camp
  • LDS Webelos registration fees are not paid through the Stake - they must be paid for on the web site at time of registration.

As with non-LDS Webelos, you attend as guests of a Troop and travel to stations embedded in Patrols from that Troop.  There are no Webelos-only Patrols at Camporee.


This is a Scouting event. It is not appropriate to bring siblings to the event.

How to prepare

A great way to get "involved" in Camporee is to weave our theme into your meetings and outings leading up to the event. Here are some of the Scout skills that you will use at Camporee.  A complete list will be published soon.

Fire building
Knots and lashings
Semaphore signaling
Bear bag hanging
Backpacking meal preparation
First aid
Map and compass

Unit Adult Volunteers

The last few years we have had fantastic participation from unit leaders. We will again be organizing unit volunteers. We ask for at least one adult volunteer per unit to help staff on the weekend. More is great!  Remember, we have 20+ stations to staff. Takes a lot of leader-power.

If you know you will be volunteering why not contact our volunteer coordinator and cut out the middle man.  Send Jim Hardter an email at

Young adult and Unit Youth Volunteers

We have always had a few young adults on staff.  Young men who have aged out of scouting as a youth but are still interested in staying involved occasionally. Got some recent "graduates" who might be interested? Let us know. Have them send the Camporee Director a short note of introduction.

But wait, there's more!!!  This year we will be inviting older youth, still under 18, who are interested to be on staff. If you have someone in your unit that is interested please have the Scoutmaster send an email to the Camporee Director with a brief introduction.

BTW... we already have commitments from 6-8 young adult and older youth volunteers!


Like previous years the entire weekend is a competition.  First, second, and third place patrols will be awarded custom neckerchiefs at closing flag.

When & Where
Save the Date Camp Manidokan
Friday 10-08-2021 5:00 PM ET to
Sunday 10-10-2021 12:00 PM ET
More Information