National Capital Area Council - 2020 Woodwork Merit Badge Classroom Sessions

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2020 Woodwork Merit Badge Classroom Sessions

Event Details

Participants will have the opportunity to complete Woodworking Merit Badge requirements 1, 2, 3b & 7

Who: This course is open to all registered Scout Youth.

Be Prepared: Participants should read the relevant sections of the merit badge book and complete the merit badge worksheet for those requirements.  Participants should bring their Totin' Chip or a note from their Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair indicating that they have earned it.  Participants MUST BRING two woodworking tools to sharpen (hand planes and chisels are ideal; pocket knives and axes will not meet the requirements).

When: Monthly classes, various dates and times.

Where: Michael's Woodshop.  Please see the Camp Map  for the location of Michael's Woodshop at Camp Snyder 

When & Where
Feb Classroom Session (1:30-4:30pm)
Camp William B. Snyder
Sunday 02-23-2020 1:30 PM ET to 4:30 PM ET Past
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