National Capital Area Council - Colonial's 2019 Webelos-Ree

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Colonial's 2019 Webelos-Ree

Event Details

2019 Colonial Fall Webelos-Ree
Friday, October 18 - Sunday, October 20
Gunston Hall

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Webelos of the Colonial District: Sign up for the Mafeking Cadets!

In 1899, a British army colonel named Robert Baden-Powel commanded a small group of soldiers in Mafeking, an isolated but important town in what is now KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.  When the Second Boer War began, Mafeking was surrounded by the Boers who cut the rail and telegraph lines, and laid siege.  Although the Boers often outnumbered Baden-Powell’s force by four to one, Baden-Powell held Mafeking for 217 days until a relief force fought its way through the Boers and broke the siege.

Seeing that he was cut off and outnumbered, Baden-Powell tricked the Boers into believing that Mafeking was too heavily defended for them to attack.  One of Baden-Powell’s officers, Lord Edward Cecil, organized 24 boys aged 12-15 into the Mafeking Cadet Corps to perform vital support duties for the defenders.  Among other duties, the Cadets carried messages, served in the hospital, acted as lookouts, and spied on the Boers to observe, map, and report their movements. 

Queen Victoria recognized the Cadets for their important service and awarded them the Defence of Mafeking bar to the Queen's South Africa Medal.  And, Baden-Powell later formed the Boy Scouts in part with the Mafeking Cadets in mind.

So, Webelos!  Come to the Webelos-Ree with your den and learn the skills of the Mafeking Cadets.  Many of the skills you learn in Webelos are the same skills that proved to be so valuable to the Cadets.

  • Open to all First and Second Year Webelos only.
  • Must be registered by a pack and participate in all activities as a den.  Overnight camp (as a Webelos den only) for one night, two nights, or no nights. 
  • Dens can also come for just the day.  Note: Camporee and Webelos-Ree are separate events and will be operating on separate parts of Gunston Hall
  • Leaders:  Refresh your memory and follow the Guide to Safe Scouting.


Friday, October 18:     Optional overnight Webelos den camping.

Saturday, October 19:   Webelos-Ree starts at 10:30. Visit the camporee by den only.  Ask a troop to host the den for supper well in advance and the campfire.  Optional overnight Webelos den camping.

Webelos - $20.00
Parent/Adult Leader - $15.00
Staff - $10.00


When & Where
Gunston Hall
Friday 10-18-2019 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 10-20-2019 10:30 AM ET
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