National Capital Area Council - SCUBA BSA 05/25/2019..

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SCUBA BSA 05/25/2019..

Event Details

This is an introductory/try-it scuba experience that does not result in scuba certification. It covers the requirements of the Scuba BSA Award. It is not the Scuba Diving merit badge, and it does not result in certification for diving on your own.


Scuba BSA introduces participants to the special skills, equipment, and safety precautions associated with scuba diving, encourages aquatics activities that promote fitness and recreation, and provides a foundation for those who later will participate in more advanced underwater activities.


The Scuba BSA experience contains two parts— Knowledge Development and Water Skills Development. During the first part, participants learn basic dive safety information and overview skills to be used during their water experience. The Water Skills Development session introduces essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing, and alternate air source use.


NOTE: This is an introductory, try-it scuba experience. Many people decide to go on and take a certification course after trying this scuba experience.


Who: Any Scouts BSA-aged youth or adult; 8 participants maximum per session


Preregistration is required: Each participant must complete a PADI Medical questionnaire available at:


When: May 25. 1.5 hour sessions at 1:00, 2:30, 4:00pm

Registration deadline: May 20


Cost: $25 (includes all equipment)


All you need to bring is your swimsuit and a towel!


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When & Where
Session 1
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 05-25-2019 1:00 PM ET to 2:30 PM ET Past
More Information

Session 2
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 05-25-2019 2:30 PM ET to 4:00 PM ET Past
More Information

Session 3
Camp William B. Snyder
Saturday 05-25-2019 4:00 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET Past
More Information