Old North State Council - OA Spring Fellowship - Mar 10-12, 2023

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OA Spring Fellowship - Mar 10-12, 2023

Event Details


Friday, March 10, 2023 - Sunday, March 12, 2023

Cherokee Scout Reservation

3296 Boy Scout Camp Rd, Yanceyville, NC 27379


Registration closes on Tuesday, March 7 at 11:59 pm. 

The Spring Fellowship is a time to meet old friends, make new friends, and share in the enthusiasm of the Order.  

The Spring Fellowship will have a carnival theme.

What is there to do?


Please complete and bring signed paper copies of this BSA health and medical record (parts A and B) and the Pre-event Medical Screening Form.

Please eat dinner before your arrival on Friday evening or come prepared with a sack meal. The first meal served will be breakfast on Saturday morning.


As part of our youth protection and safety plan:

  1. All adults who attend an Order of the Arrow event are responsible for the safety of the youth participants. 
  2. All youth who attend an Order of the Arrow event are responsible for the safety of other youth participants.
  3. All youth attendees must be registered members of the BSA.
  4. All adult attendees must be registered members of the BSA, with a criminal background check, and unexpired youth protection training. These credentials will be verified by the OA leadership with the Scout Service Center prior to your participation.
  5. All attendees will follow the BSA youth protection guidelines and implement the BSA's Barriers to Abuse.
  6. All participants will be assigned to a specific campsite. Each chapter will have its own campsite.
  7. Each campsite will have a minimum of three campsite hosts. In most cases, the campsite hosts will be the chapter advisers. Campsite hosts will be adults over the age of 21. Should a Scout need assistance during the weekend, the Scout should seek out one of these campsite hosts. Each campsite will have at least one adult male and one adult female campsite host.
  8. Each Scout will be assigned to a specific adirondack number. (Scouts can bring their own tent)
  9. Each Scout will be assigned a buddy upon arrival. Buddy pairs will be of the same gender and be within two years in age of each other.
  10. At OA events youth and adults cannot share housing regardless of family relationships.
  11. All participants must be in their adirondack by the established curfew indicated on the event schedule.
  12. Campsite hosts will conduct bed checks throughout the evening to ensure Scouts are in their adirondacks.
  13. Should a Scout need to depart the event prior to Sunday at 10:00 am, the camper should inform the registration team upon arrival. 
  14. In order to depart early, parents will need to complete an early-release form. Ideally, early-release forms are submitted upon check-in. 
  15. Parents will need to come to the headquarters building, with proof of identification, to check their Scout out early.
  16. Scouts will only be able to depart early from events with family members or the adult leader (over the age of 21) indicated on the early release form submitted by the parent during check-in. 
  17. All participants, who depart early, will need to sign out at the headquarters building. Youth, under 18, will need an early release form on file. 
  18. All participants, who arrive after the established check-in window on Friday, will need to sign in at the headquarters building. 
  19. Emergency action plans will be communicated to all participants during check-in.
  20. Youth (under 18): When you or your family registers you for this event, you acknowledge that you are aware of these procedures and agree to follow them.
  21. Adults (18 years old and older): When you register for this event, you acknowledge that you are aware of these procedures and agree to follow them.



Please arrive between 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Friday, March 10.


Departure will be 10:00 AM Sunday, March 12.

Arrowmen can participate in the event two ways.

Option 1: Attend the entire Spring Fellowship

The $35 fee covers the following items

  • All meals for the weekend
    • Cracker Barrel – Friday Night
    • Breakfast - Saturday
    • Lunch- Saturday
    • Dinner - Saturday
    • Cracker Barrel – Saturday Night
    • Breakfast - Sunday
  • Event patch
  • Activities/Materials for weekend


Option 2: Attend the Saturday night supper

The fee is $15 and covers the following:

  • Saturday evening supper
  • NOTE:  Does not include an event patch.
  • Check in and check out at the headquarters building. 

Adult Leader Training Opportunities


NOTE for adult Arrowmen: BSA Chainsaw Safety Course

The BSA requires all adults who use a chainsaw on Boy Scout property or at a Scouting event to complete the BSA Chain Saw Safety Course. 

Since many adult Arrowmen support camp on workdays with a chainsaw, we will offer this course during Fall Fellowship.

The course starts at 9:00 am and will end at 3:00 pm. 

Our camp rangers, Dave Douglas and Steve Allred, will teach the course.

The course is hands-on.

If you are interested in taking the course, please indicate so on the registration form. 

If you have a chainsaw and safety equipment (helmet, earplugs, chaps, gloves) please bring them to the weekend.

Leader Specific Training for Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters/Troop Committee Members

Leader Specific Training is required for all Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Troop Committee Members to be a fully trained leader.

We will offer the face-to-face version during Spring Fellowship.

The course will start at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.

Merit Badge Counselor training will be included in this session.

For information contact Lodge Adviser Rusty Gray at rusty8005@hotmail.com. 

When & Where
Cherokee Scout Reservation
Friday 03-10-2023 6:00 PM ET to
Sunday 03-12-2023 10:00 AM ET Past
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