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Commissioner College

Event Details

This is an all virtual event. The College of Commissioner Science is a type of annual commissioner conference modeled after college courses and degrees.  The purpose is to provide ongoing practical training for all commissioners.  Over 10 courses will be offered IN A VIRTUAL SETTING.  Be prepared for meaningful training, good fellowship, and information on the latest Scouting developments.

Who should attend:
New Commissioners looking to increase their knowledge and skills, Seasoned Commissioners who want to update their training and improve their skills and Scouters who are interested in learning about Commissioners and what they do.

We plan to offer two tracks with courses leading to the Bachelor or Master of Commissioner Science degrees. There is a great deal of change occurring in Scouting. This is an opportunity to learn about those changes but also to meet and collaborate with Commissioners from other Councils. 
Remember, a trained Commissioner is an effective Commissioner. 

Please NOTE*

Registrants for the bachelor track should take all of the bachelor courses plus the masters courses for periods 4 & 7; registrants for the masters track should take all of the masters courses.

Course offerings

2021 CT Rivers Commissioner College Courses
    Bachelor track                                                              Masters track
1 BCS101 Core Concepts of Commissioner Service   MCS302 On Time Charter Renewal
2 BCS103 Linking District Resources                           MCS304 Commissioner Service for Units at Risk
3 BCS104 Contacting Units                                          MCS314 Commissioner and the Professional
4 MCS305 Resolving Critical Issues                             MCS305 Resolving Critical Issues
5 BCS107 Journey to Excellence                                 MCS313 Onboarding New Commissioners
6 BCS116 Collaborative Assessments                          MCS309 Good Commissioners Need Both Head & Heart
7 MCS316 Developing the Unit Service Plan               MCS316 Developing the Unit Service Plan

When & Where
Virtual Event
Saturday 05-01-2021 8:00 AM ET to 3:30 PM ET Past
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