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Archery Level 1 Training

Event Details

Archery Level I Training

Camp Workcoeman

Saturday, September 9th


Contact: Jason Mendez

Cost: $40



Please follow these steps to take the online Level 1 course:

go to

You will be asked to create a free account if you do not have one already(Watch this video on How to Create a Free Account -

Click “Select” to the right of your name

Follow the prompts to check out

That will empty your cart and you may see “Complete” to the right of your name. After that you will access the course and will need to complete the online course prior to the practical course.

To Sign up for the prerequisite online course:

Make sure your browser is full screen

On the left side of the page select USA Archery Courses

On the right side select the filter option (it looks like 3 bars one on top of the others)Under type select Level 1 Instruction Certification Online Course

Click Apply

Select the Enter Now Option from the Course and then again when it opens.

You will now be prompted to complete the entry form and the payment

*Archery Level 1 online course Cost $40*

Determine if you are in the full screen view or minimized mobile view. If you are in the full screen view, you will see a column of options on the left. If your screen is minimize, on a tablet or mobile device you will see the mobile view.

Full Screen View - Watch this video How to Access the Online Course on Desktop Devices

Click “Members” top left

Click anywhere on your member card with your information in it on the right.

Scroll down the secondary column under your name and select "Access USA Archery Education Hub”

This will take you directly to the online course.

*Practical Course links differ for each course and will be provided based on each course*

When & Where
Camp Workcoeman
Saturday 09-09-2023
9:00 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET Past
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