Golden Empire Council - OA May 17 2024 Lassen Induction (Ordeal)

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OA May 17 2024 Lassen Induction (Ordeal)

Event Details

Instructions for the Induction Registration

If you are a Candidates for "NEW" Ordeal Memberships in the OA plan to arrive Friday by 7:30PM

Link >> For Complete Instructions, District/Council Assignments and What to Bring

If you were elected in 2023 or have recently been elected to the Order of the Arrow and have not gone through an Induction (Ordeal) then you are considered an Ordeal Candidate. The cost for the ordeal is $60 which covers the OA sash, OA Pocket flap, Handbook, one years dues, food, etc.

A Member is a person who has already gone through an Ordeal. The costs for the ordeal is $25 which covers food. If you are a member of the Order of the Arrow you must have your 2024 membership dues paid if not then you can pay them online through the Lodge website or bring your dues to the ordeal. 

A Brotherhood Candidate is a Member who has completed their Ordeal more than 6 months ago. The cost for the Brotherhood Sash is $25 

Make sure you have checked the deadline registration date for the Ordeal you are planning to attend as there is a $20 late fee if the registration is not turned in or submitted on time.


MEDICAL RELEASE:  In order to provide Emergency Health Services it is essential that everyone BRING a copy of their BSA Annual Health and Medical Record & Release Form (Parts A and B) Without these forms you can't stay at the event.   



When & Where
Camp Lassen
Friday 05-17-2024 6:00 PM PT to
Sunday 05-19-2024 10:00 AM PT
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