Orange County Council - Journey to the Ocean - Kayak - FULL DAY (Ages 11-17)

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Journey to the Ocean - Kayak - FULL DAY (Ages 11-17)

Event Details

Journey to the Ocean Full Day Session!

AM - Marine/Wildlife Science & PM - Paddle Sports. Open to Scouts and non-Scouts.

AM SESSION: Participants will complete all the requirements for Fish and Wildlife merit badge, dissect fish, go on a harbor birding scavenger hunt and learn to study the animals in their own backyards. There are problems that threaten our natural resources, participants will explore and learn ways to become good stewards of our environment. Students will learn how to conduct research on marine mammals such as dolphins and sea lions and collect data that will be used for research for Orange Coast College’s marine mammal study. This class has 2 off-campus field trips. One will meet at Balboa Island to go on a whale watch with Davy’s Locker. The other field trip will meet at Orange Coast College for an aquarium and aquaponics tour and will work with ocean monitoring equipment.

PM SESSION: Paddle Sport Aquatics Camp calls you to a week of fun on-the-water challenges in this half-day program! This week's program features kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, team competitions, relay races, scavenger hunts and prizes. Wacky games on the water like kayak basketball, ultimate frisbee water edition, and more await! Registered Scouts BSA members can earn the Kayaking merit badge.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The field trip to Orange Coast College takes place on Wednesdays and requires parent transportation back to Newport Sea Base property by 1pm to continue with the paddle sport PM session in the afternoon. Odd numbered weeks of this class offer kayaking and SUP, while even numbered weeks offer canoeing and SUP.

Swim check required on the first day.

Each session runs from 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday - Friday.

  • Week 3: June 26th - June 30th - Kayaking & SUP
  • Week 5: July 10th - July 14th - Kayaking & SUP
  • Week 7: July 24th - July 28th - Kayaking & SUP
  • Week 9: August 7th - August 11th - Kayaking & SUP​​​​​​​

Please remember to check the attachments for additional details before your class begins. 

BSA Health Form AB is required and must be turned in at check-in.


When & Where
Week 3: June 26th - June 30th
Newport Sea Base
Monday 06-26-2023
8:30 AM PT to 4:30 PM PT Past
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Week 5: July 10th - 14th
Newport Sea Base
Monday 07-10-2023
8:30 AM PT to 4:30 PM PT Past
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Week 7: July 24th - 28th
Newport Sea Base
Monday 07-24-2023
8:30 AM PT to 4:30 PM PT Past
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Week 9: August 7th - 11th
Newport Sea Base
Monday 08-07-2023
8:30 AM PT to 4:30 PM PT Past
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