Greater Los Angeles Area Council - Scouts BSA- 2024 Winter Camp Adventure at Camp Pollock

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Scouts BSA- 2024 Winter Camp Adventure at Camp Pollock

Event Details

Experience the Ultimate Winter Camp Adventure: Scouts BSA Winter Camp Weekend 2024 at Camp Pollock

Prepare to dive into an unforgettable winter wonderland at the Scouts BSA Winter Camp Adventure Weekend 2024, hosted at the breathtaking Camp Pollock. Nestled in the heart of nature's tranquility, this remarkable event offers an exhilarating mix of merit badge achievements, thrilling activities, and the joy of bonding with fellow Scouts.

Activities: (Schedule Subject to Change with Release of Leaders Guide) Guide Release Date: September 10th, 2024 with Merit Badge Selections Available

1. Merit Badge Extravaganza: Enrich your skills and broaden your horizons with a diverse array of merit badge opportunities. From First Aid and Wilderness Survival to Winter Sports and more, experienced instructors will guide Scouts through engaging sessions that foster growth and achievement.

2. Snowbound Adventures: Embrace the excitement of winter with a range of snowbound activities. Traverse snow-laden trails during invigorating snowshoeing treks, engage in friendly sledding races down the slopes, and partake in snow games that will have you laughing and competing all weekend long.

3. Comfortable Lodge Accommodations: Unwind in the cozy comfort of Camp Pollock's lodges, offering a warm and inviting retreat after each day's adventures. Share stories, create lasting memories, and rest in comfort, knowing that a peaceful night's sleep awaits.

4. Fireside Fellowship: Gather around the crackling campfire as the stars illuminate the night sky. Bond with fellow Scouts through storytelling, sing-alongs, and shared laughter, fostering friendships that extend beyond the weekend.

5. Guided Winter Exploration: Embark on guided nature walks through the winter wonderland, uncovering the hidden marvels of the season. Learn about local wildlife, identify tracks in the snow, and deepen your appreciation for the natural world.

6. Creative Expression: Nurture your creativity through winter-themed crafts and projects. From crafting survival gear to crafting decorations that capture the magic of the season, Camp Pollock provides the perfect canvas for artistic expression.

7. Camp Culinary Adventures: Relish hearty winter meals prepared by Camp Pollock's culinary team. From the delicious Friday Dinner that kicks off the adventure to savory delights throughout the weekend, savor the warmth and camaraderie of shared meals.

Why Attend:

The Scouts BSA Winter Camp Adventure Weekend at Camp Pollock transcends the ordinary, offering more than just activities. It's a celebration of resilience, an embodiment of the spirit of adventure, and an opportunity to form bonds that will stand the test of time. By participating in this retreat, Scouts not only hone practical skills but also nurture a sense of belonging and unity that epitomize the Scouts BSA ethos.

Elevate your winter experience, earn coveted merit badges, and create cherished memories in the company of like-minded Scouts. From January to February, 2024, let Camp Pollock set the stage for an exceptional winter adventure that encapsulates the true essence of the Scouts BSA Program.

When & Where
Session 1
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation
Friday 01-12-2024 4:00 PM PT to
Sunday 01-14-2024 12:00 PM PT Past
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Session 2
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation
Friday 02-02-2024 4:00 PM PT to
Sunday 02-04-2024 12:00 PM PT Past
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Session 3
Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation
Friday 02-16-2024 4:00 PM PT to
Sunday 02-18-2024 12:00 PM PT Past
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