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MineCraft-O-Ree Round Two

Event Details

Sunday 8/2 at 2pm
(Not for Cub Scouts. For Scouts BSA Only)

Come experience the joy of a Camporee in a virtual MineCraft World! We have set up some activities including, Fishing, Archery, Obstacle Courses, Races, etc.  We would also like Patrols to set up a virtual campsite where the Scouts need to build their own tents and campfire etc.

This event is open to all Scouts BSA members, including the newest Scouts who have just joined!

We have a dedicated (Private) Minecraft server for our event and many fun things to do, including:

  • Low-Cope and High-Cope Obstacle Courses
  • Aerial Course
  • Fishing
  • Underwater Aquarium
  • Cave Exploration
  • Archery
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Horse Riding
  • Klondike Events
  • and much more!

We will send the server address out the week of the event. It will be offline until the MineCraft-O-Ree is set to begin.

Since this is a virtual campout, there will be some camping stuff to do before you run around. In fact, when you arrive, we will gather in patrols and you'll need to first go to your campsites and build (I mean set up) your tents and camp equipment.

Requirements to get started:

1) First, make sure that you are registered at the Council Website. We need this to get an idea of the number of Patrols as well provide communication. We are limited to the amount of people we can have on the sever. Only first 50 Scouts will be able to attend.

2) Next, and this is REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT! You MUST be using the Java Edition of Minecraft. The Windows “Bedrock” edition is incompatible with our servers.

To find our which version you have, when you log in, you should see the following splash page, where it will say, “Java Edition.”  If not, then you’ll need to upgrade to the Java Edition. It costs about $26-30.

It seems that many Windows machines come with the Bedrock Edition pre-installed, so even if you think you have Minecraft, you may need to get the Java Edition. If you need to purchase the Java Edition, we have included the links here.

Windows Version:

Mac Version:

3) Create your account and run the updates before the session starts.  It sometimes takes 10-15 minutes to get everything installed if you are starting from scratch.

4) WE WILL SEND YOU THE SERVER IP ADDRESS on Sunday morning. Since this is a Scout Server, please do not share it with your friends.  Only registered members allowed to attend.


Heard of Minecraft but haven’t played it? Check out this YouTube introduction.

We have created a Minecraft World on a dedicated (private) server, allowing only our participants -- so Pacific Skyline Scouts only!

Questions? Please contact Andrew Wilmes at

When & Where
Sunday 08-02-2020 2:00 PM PT to 5:00 PM PT Past
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