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Rangemaster Certification

Event Details

BB gun shooting must be conducted by trained, qualified, on-site rangemasters who direct the operation of the range program and BB gun shooting instruction.  The ratio of BB gun rangemasters to shooters is 1-to-8 on the firing line.  Archery must be instructed by a current USA  Archery Level 1 instructor. 


To qualify as a BB gun rangemaster, the rangemaster must be at least 18 years old and be trained by a National Camping School–trained shooting sports director or a National Rifle Association rifle instructor.

To qualify as an Archery rangemaster, the rangemaster must be 18 years old and be trained by a National Camping School–trained shooting sports director, or USA  Archery level 1 instructor.

The Cub Scouts rangemaster also must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America.


Course Length: 3 hours (Dependent on class size)

Course Cost: $10.00 (Dinner will be served)

Certification Period: Two years from the date of course completion

This training includes a practical exercise on how to set up a BB gun, Archery, and Slingshot range, range layout, and have the participants walk through the process of running the range.

Volunteers are needed to serve as Rangemasters for Cub Scout Day Camp & for Fall events - shooting sports activities.



When & Where
BSA Cub Scout Rangemaster
Southern Sierra Council
Friday 03-31-2023 6:00 PM PT to 9:00 PM PT Past
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