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National Youth Leader Training

Event Details

What is NYLT?

This is an intense week-long leadership training course for youth members of Boy Scouting or Venturing programs. As the third step in the Scout program for youth leader development, this course provides your Scouts with the leadership skills they need to be truly effective. It is the most advanced youth leader training offered by a local council.

  • The first step in youth leader training is the “Introduction to Leadership”.
  • The second phase of youth leader training is “Unit Youth Leader Training.”
  • The third type of training is the “National Youth Leadership Training” (NYLT). The interaction among Scouts from all over the Council is a major ingredient in the course. That is why it is not provided at the unit level alone! NYLT supports the training done by the home unit leader.

All three types of training are necessary to develop the Scouts’ potential fully.

What will the Scout learn?

The Scout will learn the fundamentals of good leadership. These include the skills of motivating people and getting the job done. They are presented in a form that encourages the Scout to practice these skills as they are learned. The Scout will learn the importance of forming a group into a unit that is working together because they want to. The tools of communication, identifying and using resources, representing the group and dealing with problems will all be presented. Your Scout will have an opportunity to practice these skills while learning the kinds of results they can bring. The skills related to planning, effective teaching, and sharing leadership also will be presented. These tools are the ones that will get the job done. Scouts are challenged through various Patrol activities to provide practical, hands on experience in the use of these skills. The Scout leaves with a “Leadership Tool Kit” to aid him/her in applying his/her newly acquired skills back in the unit.

How many Scouts do we send?

Send the Scouts who are now, or will soon be, in leadership positions in your unit. This would include the positions of Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and all Crew Officers to name a few. The real answer to the question of who and how many Scouts to send is more a question of who you think is mature enough to take part in a week-long intensive training course and who you believe the future leaders of your unit will be. It is always best to remember the benefits of the buddy system in Scouting and send two or more Scouts to share the information and support each other upon returning to the troop.

Scoutmaster’s Minute:

Some may think that a week isn’t long enough to teach a youth how to become a leader. Others believe a week is just too long. Both are incorrect and both right! Becoming a leader is an evolutionary process. The more practice they get using their leadership skills the better leaders they become. At the NYLT course, we get the Scout started on the right path by presenting leadership skills, helping identify and strengthen the skills they already possess and giving them an opportunity to try them out and hone them in a controlled training environment. The Scout really learns leadership by applying the skills he/she learns back in his/her home unit under the guidance of his/her unit leader. The training of youth leaders is the responsibility of the unit leader. NYLT is designed to support, not replace, the unit leader’s role in the training process. Each scout who attends will do so as a representative of his/her home unit and will wear the uniform and insignia of his/her home unit.

When & Where
Family Camp
Monday 07-06-2020 7:30 AM PT to
Saturday 07-11-2020 8:30 PM PT
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