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OKPIK 2020

Event Details

This awareness course covers skills and techniques for planning and leading cold weather outings. Course topics include: Planning & Leadership, Equipment, Cold Weather First Aid, Wilderness Safety, Backcountry Living and Where to Trek as they relate to Cold Weather Awareness. This course is open to all registered Scouting adults who have completed the HAT Core Course.

REQUIREMENT: Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A/B/C)

The cost is $85 and limited to the first 30 who sign up.

Your details and payment will be processed by our secure server, and you will receive a printable confirmation. Alternatively, you can still send in a paper registration form to the Council Office.

Email Keith Gale if you have questions.

Course Syllabus
Introduction To Cold Weather Camping
Winter Travel

Vehicle Readiness & Driving Tactics
Trail Travel in the Snow
Cross Country Skis

Winter Camp Living

Sanitation and Etiquette

Navigation in the Winter
Personal Gear

Clothing, Layering & Footwear
Sleep Gear

Group Equipment

Winter Camping Stoves & Cooking Gear
Snow Shelters, including Quinzee or Snow Dome, Snow Cave, Snow Trench or Snow Pit and Emergency Snow Shelter

Home Made Equipment, Food, Water, Cooking and Clean-Up
Cold Weather Medicine

Your Body and the Cold – Biophysiology
Snow Blindness
Frost Nip and Frostbite

When & Where
Indoor Session
Council Service Center
Wednesday 02-12-2020
6:00 PM PT to 10:00 PM PT Past
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Outdoor Session
Silver Lake
Saturday 03-07-2020 6:00 AM PT to
Sunday 03-08-2020 5:00 PM PT Past
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