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OA - Fages Hike 2024

Event Details

30th Annual FAGES II Hike

A Scouts BSA 20-mile hike - June 1, 2024

Scouts and Scouters -- do you need a 20-mile hike for the Hiking Merit Badge? Or a prep-hike for your 50-miler? And doing it SAFELY while having FUN plus earn the Fages II lodge patch?

Join the Order of the Arrow Yerba Buena Lodge for a day of hiking on the FAGES II Trail

FAGES is pronounced “Faw-Hace”

Patch & Pin!

Each Hiker that completes the 20mile event will receive a patch. A Boot Pin is available to signify how many times you have completed the 20 mile hike. You can buy these at registration. We ask that you use scouts honor for how many pins you buy for each hiker and how many times completed in the past. The Boot Pin cost $3.00 each. 

Register and pay ONLINE through the link!

Cost: $20.00 per hiker (includes FAGES II patch and park fees)

Lunch is back! Hot Dog, variety of chips, fruit, treat.

Registration online allows your group to get on trail quicker 

We strongly encourage online registration as a unit!

Be prepared! Don't leave it until the day of!

BSA Health Forms Parts A, B1, B2 & C forms are required for EVERY hiker!  

Turn in valid BSA  Annual Health & Medical Records Forms at the Staging Area copied on 8-1/2 x 11 paper

The medical form must be dated after June 1th, 2023. Anything prior to this date would be expired

A completed medical form is:

Part A (1 page)

Part B (2 Pages)

Part C (1 page)

Part C must be signed and dated by your MD, DO, NP, or PA after June 1th, 2023
Health Forms can be found here:

Location of Hike Start-End: Wildcat Canyon - Alvarado Staging Area.
Address of entrance to the parking and staging area: 5845 Park Avenue, Richmond CA

7:00 AM - On-site Check-in is at the Wildcat Canyon Alvarado Staging Area (turn-in BSA Health Forms.) 

7:00 PM - Hike completion requirement 

Lunch Time  - At Owl picnic grounds (Check Point 10) Yes! We are providing lunch this year!

What to Bring: Bring a pre-filled water container (water refills available on the trail). Bring energy/trail food (GORP, etc.) Bring personal First Aid kit(s). Confirm the weather for proper dress. Please no new boots.
Obey the Scout Motto “Be Prepared”. As always “Leave No Trace”. Got sunscreen???

Adult Unit Requirement and Hike Pace: Each unit must have two (2) or more adults, who will hike with the unit. Each unit must hike and finish together. Please come with hikers who can finish the 20 miles. The unit must maintain a hiking pace of 30-minutes per mile. If the unit does not maintain a hiking pace of 30 minutes per mile, the unit will be asked to leave the hike. Thank you for your cooperation.

The FAGES Hike is NOT a Novice Hike -- it’s a PROVING GROUND.
No dogs or horses are permitted on the hike. See you on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel within two weeks of June 1, 2024, there will be no refund issued*. If you wish to cancel prior to May 18th, the policy is as follows:

30 Days prior is 80% refund. Anything between 2 weeks and 30 days is 50% refund.

*Within 2 weeks of the event refund is at the discretion of the event coordinator or staff adviser. Usually only granted in cases of emergency. 

Please email event coordinator if a refund is desired

Event Date is Saturday, June 1, 2024
FAGES 2025, 31st Annual: Saturday June 7, 2025 – mark your Unit Calendar.


When & Where
Wildcat Canyon
Saturday 06-01-2024
7:00 AM PT to 7:00 PM PT Past
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