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Event Details

Changed to April 1-4, 2021!


The POSEIDON event is a weekend filled with Aquatic adventure, like sailing, scuba, paddle craft, and maritime learning being offered to adult Scouters and youth that are 14 years of age or older.


In addition to this online registration, please print and fill out these forms:

BSA Health Form A,B, and C

SCUBA Diving Form

What will you learn at POSEIDON??

Navigation-  Where are we?  Where do we want to go?  How do we get there?  Learn how to use the stars, maps, graphs, and a sextant to determine where on the earth you are and how to get where you want to be.

Knots -  You will be surprised by the fancy projects you can make with a square knot, a double-French hitching, or four-strand braids (a dog collar, a tool grip, and a decorated picture frame, respectively)! You can also tie the sailor's Turk's Head knot into a bracelet and morph a monkey's fist knot into a doorstop or a fun toy for your dog. 

Planning a long cruise- For Sea Scouts, a long cruise is a joyous opportunity—beyond the scope of the routine. It is more than just a scenic outdoor experience. It is more than just a physical challenge. It is an experience in living and cooperating with others to meet an exciting challenge. It is learning to overcome difficulties and learning to live in harmony with nature and each other. Regardless of whether you cruise on a power boat, a sail boat, a kayak or a canoe, there are so many decisions to make, questions to ask and resolve.  This class will help you define the type of cruise is best for your unit.

Landships- Sea Scouts offers unique opportunities for creating an inspirational atmosphere at the meetings. The seagoing nature of the program enables an imaginative group of adults and youth to set up a landship so realistic that you can almost smell the salty air and feel the decks rise and fall beneath your feet. Building and using a landship for meetings and ceremonies is a basic of sea scouting vs, other scout programs.  You will learn how to set up a landship, build a centermast, the central feature of your landship,  to execute the proper drill maneuvers, and the word script used in the landship ceremony.  

Radios/Communication- Ask a teen to free associate with the word “communication” and you’re likely to get responses like “texting!” “snap chat!” “facebook!” and “instagram!” Much further down the list he might say “phone call” or “face to face conversation.” Times are changing have changed.  When you are aboard a vessel, these methods are not appropriate.  This class will teach you by using hands on lessons the proper equipment, terminology, and actions to communicate in a marine environment.

Fishing-  When you go out on the water, what do you do once you are ashore or still aboard ship?  Do you ever fish? A noted local expert in outdoor adventure and fishing will provide hands on learning of how to have the most fun and success in fishing.

Scuttlebutt--  Back in the 1800s, how did mariners get the materials they needed to move, below deck in those old sailboats?  The process is called a scuttlebutt.  This class will teach you how to build and execute a scuttlebutt.  This will be an activity where crews will compete for the crown of “TOP SCUTTLEBUTT CREW”.  This activity is a fun, get up and “DO” activity.

SCUBA-  This class will provide an opportunity to try out SCUBA in a safe and controlled environment.  After this class, you will know if your unit would enjoy doing SCUBA as a part of your program.

Sailing-  Have you ever experienced the joy of the wind in your face, the smell and spray of the water on you as you race across a body of water?  This class will be much more than a sailboat ride.  You will take a turn at the tiller, maneuvering the boat, and the manipulating the kites to effectively drive the boat forward.  This will be a hands-on sailing experience

Paddlecraft-  Have you ever operated a kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP)?  Its not as easy as it may appear.  This class will get you on the water, in and on these paddlecraft.  Techniques of operating and manipulating a kayak and SUP.  These kinds of vessels are very popular and cost effective way to get out on the water.  You will enjoy learning the different types of vessels and which one would be best for your unit.

Small boat handling-  this class will get you out on the water in a high speed powerboat.  The Air will press against your body as you zoom across the lake.  Water will splash in your face as you go.  You will learn about safety issues of operating such a vessel.  Concerns about motor, and vessel concerns.  And even learn about what to do in the event someone goes overboard.  How you safely retrieve that person from the water. 

Marksmanship-  Scouts LOVE to shoot guns. Scouts of your age are authorized to use firearms that you were not authorized to use as a younger scout.  This class will teach you firearm safety, and the safe operation of the firearm.    

Capsize Safety-  What do you do if you are on the water, and your vessel capsizes?  How do you keep from capsizing in the first place.  This class will discuss these issues to make your time on the water safe and fun.

Lifesaving-  This class will address the issues of how you should react in the event of a person in distress in the aquatic environment.  Providing a response to such an emergency is critical to both your as well as the victims well being.  You will leave this class knowing how to respond if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Boat repair -  Owning water vessels will sooner or later mean having to repair the vessel or motor.  This class will provide you with valuable information on how to make basic repairs of your vessel in a safe manner.  

Engine maintenance-  If you own or operate a vessel with a motor, you will have to provide routine maintenance and care to that motor.  This class will  provide you the knowledge of how you can safely be aware of and know how to perform such basic care and maintenance to your motor to keep it running and prevent costly, avoidable damages  to the engine.


When & Where
Lake Pleasant Aquatics Center
Thursday 04-01-2021 12:00 PM MT to
Sunday 04-04-2021 12:00 PM MT
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