Grand Canyon Council - 2018 Ashley Furniture Merit Badge Day

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2018 Ashley Furniture Merit Badge Day

Event Details




Ashley Furniture HomeStore Merit Badge Day

Saturday October 27, 2018



Ashley Furniture HomeStore
8515 S Emerald Dr
Tempe, AZ 85284

$15 per Scout Youth 11-17 Years (Please choose 1 Merit Badge)

Classes start at 9 am and end at 3 pm

Lunch will be available to purchase

Merit Badges:

Art - (Once Registered, please call the Merit Badge Counselor, Ms Price at number 602-793-4408)

Art1- (visit an art museum, art exhibit, or gallery)



Download and review the book for the Communications merit Badge.

3. Come prepared to discuss a topic you know a lot about.  

4. Follow the instructions to interview someone you know well. Bring your interview notes with you to class. 

5, 7, 8

Entrepreneurship- (Make and bring a list of possible business ideas) * 9 am - Noon

Entrepreneurship1- (Make and bring a list of possible business ideas) *Noon - 3 pm*

Family Life - No Pre-Req's

First Aid- (5)


- 4 months of caring for your pet, - a 200 word report on said care, - reading a book about your pet, and

- showing pet in a pet show 

- OR starting a friend raising a pet

- OR teaching 3 tricks to a pet. 

Photography- (6,7)

Photography1- (6,7)



*Space is very limited*

*Art and Photography have two separate classes happening at the same time with different counselors*

*All are expected to buy and read the Merit Badge Book * *Bring a Note Pad* Blue Card to be signed by Scoutmaster*



When & Where
Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Saturday 10-27-2018
9:00 AM MST to 3:00 PM MST Past
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