Grand Canyon Council - Winter Homecoming

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Winter Homecoming

Event Details

Winter Homecoming

College of Commissioner Science

Volunteer Teams Annual Conference

Volunteer Recognition

Cub Scout Program Update



8:30 AM: Introduction

9 AM - 12 PM: College of Commissioner Science- GCC 3.0

12 PM - 1 PM: Special Lunchtime Program with Mike Rooney- Cub Scout Program Updates (Don't forget to preorder your lunch on the registration page)

1 PM - 2 PM: Volunteer Recognition and Reception in the Courtyard

2 PM - 6 PM: College of Commissioner Science, National Program Classes & Volunteer Teams Annual Conference


1. The College of Commissioner Science—The mission of a GCC Coach is to help units succeed. The CCS is a continuing education experience designed to equip coaches with the newest training materials and the latest problem-solving techniques. This training is supported by a national syllabus and features a four-year program where participants can earn a Bachelor's and beyond. This year's curriculum will be augmented with materials specific to the GCC 3.0 rollout.

Classes to be offered this year are:

1) BCS 220 - GCC 3.0 Program

2) BCS 221 - GCC 3.0 Coaching

3) BCS 222 - GCC 3.0 Technology

Lunch Break

4) BCS 105 - Resolving Common Unit Issues

5) BCS 106 - Coaching Leaders

6) BCS 109 - The Essential Element (A Servant's Heart)

7) BCS 117 - The Commissioner and the Unit Key 3

This will be for a bachelor's program for those seeking one. Those not seeking a degree can ignore the codes and use the classes as great training.


2. Volunteer Teams Annual Conference—This annual conference provides an opportunity for all council-level volunteers to gather, evaluate the previous year, discuss the strategic plan, set goals, and collaborate on future programming. The morning will start with joint sessions and the afternoon will have two hours of strategic planning with our new Executive Vice President of Scouting and his team. We anticipate finishing around 4 PM. If committees wish to stay and have individual meetings, council leadership will be present to assist.  


3. Volunteer Recognition Event—GCC is blessed with amazing volunteers who generously offer their time to support the Scouting program and inspire the next generation of leaders. There will be a reception for volunteers after the recognition. 


Please see the attached map for parking options and directions to the Landes Center.

There is a Cafe on the property that sells coffee drinks and some pastries. This Cafe will be open until 1 pm on the day of the event. 

When & Where
The College of Commissioner Science
Valley Presbyterian Church
Saturday 02-10-2024
8:30 AM MST to 5:00 PM MST Past
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Volunteer Teams Annual Conference
Valley Presbyterian Church
Saturday 02-10-2024
8:30 AM MST to 5:00 PM MST Past
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