Grand Canyon Council - 2019 COPE Level 1 Certified Instructor Training

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2019 COPE Level 1 Certified Instructor Training

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2019  COPE Level 1 Certified Instructor Training

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience


Low COPE elements are increasingly difficult challenges on or near the ground.  The challenges are designed to enhance group and individual traits such as: self-esteem, decision making, problem solving, trust, teamwork, communication. and leadership. Opportunity is provided for every participant to achieve success as an individual and as part of a team.


High COPE elements are challenges involving climbing to heights of 20-30 fee and crossing cables, cargo nets, beams etc. while safely belayed or attached to static cables.  The perceived danger challenges each individual to their own personal level of risk-taking.  The concept of “Challenge by Choice” encourages each person to participate fully while maintaining the right to “opt-out” of any individual part of the program.


What:  Become a certified Level1 COPE Instructor and use this training with your Scouts, Venturers, and adults to bring your group together as a team. Decide which activities are needed and incorporate them into Low COPE activities that challenge and excite the participants, while achieving the desired results. Should you introduce them to Giant Texas Lizard Egg, Infinite Circle, Fing Fong Fooey, Moon Ball, or All Aboard...?  Facilitate effective reflections and debriefs after games, outings, and activities.


Who: Any registered member of BSA who is at least 16 years of age is eligible for the Instructor-In-Training Program. Candidates over the age of 18 are eligible for Level 1 Instructor Training based on successful completion and experience.

When and Where (Both sessions required):

Thursday & Friday, October 24 & 25  from 6PM to 10PM each night at the Heard Scout Pueblo AND Saturday, October 26 from 8AM to 5PM at the Heard Scout Pueblo.


Thursday & Friday, October 31 & November 1 from 6PM to 10PM each night at the Heard Scout Pueblo AND Saturday, November 2 from 8AM to 5PM at the Heard Scout Pueblo.


Why: Incorporate low COPE elements into your Troop or Crew program. Under the direction of a Project COPE Director become certified as a Level 1 COPE Instructor and help Project COPE deliver quality high-low programs to all Scouts, Venturers, and adults.

Cost:  $ 50.00, includes course materials, Saturday breakfast and lunch.

Contact: Steve Miller at, cell 602-989-6505

When & Where
Heard Scout Pueblo - First Weekend
Camp Raymond
Thursday 11-07-2019 6:00 PM MT to
Saturday 11-09-2019 5:00 PM MT Past
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Heard Scout Pueblo - Second Weekend
Heard Scout Pueblo
Thursday 11-21-2019 6:00 PM MT to
Saturday 11-23-2019 5:00 PM MT Past
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