Grand Canyon Council - 2017 Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous

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2017 Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Online Registration for the 2017 Mountain Man Rendezvous is Closed. If you are not currently registered, please come up to Camp Geronimo on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 10AM (or later, but not too late) and register there. We will get you to a campsite and everything you need to enjoy Rendezvous!


2017 Mesa District Mogollon Mountain Man Rendezvous

Waugh Pilgrims and Pork Eaters!

Welcome to the Mogollon Rendezvous! This year marks the 24th year that the Mesa District Varsity Scouts have celebrated the accomplishments of the American Mountain Men, we held our first Mogollon Rendezvous in 1993. They were men of great character and integrity who risked all they had to blaze the trail to the American West. Approximately 3,000 mountain men ranged the mountains between 1820 and 1840. They explored the rivers and streams, the mountains and hills, and all that we know as North America. They made friends with the Native Americans and lived among them learning skills that helped them prosper in the new land. Their typical dress combined woolen hats and cloaks with serviceable Indian-style leather breeches and shirts. Mountain men often wore moccasins, but generally carried a pair of heavy boots for rough terrain. Each mountain man also carried basic gear, which could include arms, powder horns and a shot pouch, knives and hatchets, canteens, cooking utensils, and other supplies including salt, and pemmican. Items (other than shooting supplies) that needed to be "at hand" were carried in a "possibles" bag. Mountain men had to use their senses of hearing, sight, and smell to keep themselves alive. When they were sick, they would use whatever herbs they had to try to get well. These men left a legacy of seeking the adventure life offers for each of us.

Just as the Mountain Men explored new territory in the West and left their legacy for us to enjoy, you are starting to explore and learn of new things in your world. You will need skills, education, and tools for your own exciting life adventure. Take time to listen to and learn from those who have travelled the trail before you. They will teach you the importance of having the “basics” in your possibles bag; Duty to God, Duty to Country and Duty to Self. You will learn that service to others brings the greatest happiness in life. The Scout Oath and Law, Motto and Slogan teach principles that are the basis for a great life and also fit well into your possible bag. They can be put into good use on a daily basis to help you as you meet the challenges in life.

Join us at the Rendezvous! We’re holding it at Camp Geronimo. Come celebrate 24 years of Varsity Scout Rendezvous’ in the Mesa District. Come pay tribute to those who have gone before you, and start your own legacy that you will leave for those who come after you. Be ready for high adventure activities such as shooting black powder rifles, throwing hawks and knives, archery, flint and steel fire starting. Come dressed in the tradition of the Mountain Men and show the skills you have acquired. Be ready to enjoy quiet times around the campfire with your leaders who have much experience that you can learn from. Come enjoy the greatest Rendezvous in Arizona and very possibly the best in the country!

I’ll see you on the MOUNTAIN!

When & Where
Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous
Camp Geronimo
Thursday 03-16-2017 8:00 AM to
Saturday 03-18-2017 1:00 PM Past
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Clint Goodman
Jared Payne
Brent Stapley
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